Inspiring Greatness in Your Employees

Inspiring Greatness in Your Employees

As a business owner, one of your most important tasks is to get employees to believe in your vision and take responsibility for their work. Uninspired employees can make a company less productive and hinder its financial growth.
Your employees are the faces and hands of your company. They are there to represent you every day.

How can you instill greatness in your employees? How can you create a culture of inclusion, ownership, and high morale within your company?

Allow them to do things their way, without restriction.

There are no two people the same. Each person approaches problem solving and communication differently. You could be limiting your employees’ ability to do their best work if they are forced to follow your lead. They also prevent them from bringing all their unique talents and abilities to the table.

Micromanaging employees can lead to dissatisfaction at work. Micromanaging employees not only add to your already busy schedule, but it send a subtle message to those you have hired that they are not capable of doing exceptional work on their own. If you carefully vetted candidates before you hired them, you should be comfortable allowing them to perform the job for which they were hired. You should also be able to give your employees the freedom to develop in their roles and approach their work in a way that suits their personalities and perspectives.

You don’t have to make your client managers more bubbly or vivacious if they are enthusiastic and love small talk. Although you may not want to spend five minutes talking with clients before getting into the details of their overdue invoices or scheduling their next appointment for them, it does not mean that your employee should not do so.

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You empower them to own their role by allowing them to express their individuality and perspective on their tasks. You will also increase your chances of them staying in the company for the long term because they will feel valued, appreciated, needed, and invested.

Encourage them to learn and include them in company growth conversations.

It is easy to alienate employees and make them disillusioned about your company by excluding them from conversations, procedure changes, and policy changes that directly impact the jobs they have been hired for. Forbes reports that Forbes estimates that Forbes has a total of 58 million employees.

“Employees are driven to make an impact. Let them be involved in the company’s innovation-based projects by allowing them to get dirty. While ideas are important, being involved in the implementation of those ideas can provide a more significant opportunity for employees to grow and be inspired to perform. The best employees will be more creative and productive if they have the right tools and resources. Give your employees opportunities to increase their personal value and serve the company’s needs.

If you are given the opportunity to grow and develop ownership perspectives in your company, there is a good chance that you will get rid of the “I am just punching timecards and then leaving” mindset that plagues many workplaces.

Show your appreciation

You can encourage your employees to feel valued and respected. Take the time to reward them for their hard work and recognize them. This could take the form of performance incentives, employee-of-the-month honors, quarterly staff appreciation meals – the options are truly endless. You should take into account your employees’ unique needs and create something that they will love. It is important to remember that while individual praise and feedback are essential, it can be just as essential and more meaningful to acknowledge and applaud employees before their peers.

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Recognition builds an emotional connection between the employer and employee, which is a crucial piece of employee engagement. It also fulfills basic human needs such as belonging to a group and self-esteem. It is almost free to recognize others. You can simply send a thoughtful email or a handwritten note to your team members recognizing their outstanding work. The question should not be, “Why should I recognize my team members?” But, “Why wouldn’t they recognize me?”

It is easy to inspire greatness in your employees. You can begin today by calling out a few members of your team and offering words of encouragement and support. You could even go further and add something more significant to the company calendar. This could be a lunch for the team or a morning meeting in which you give treats and recognize everyone’s achievements.

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