COVID-19 Offers Surprising Opportunities for Successful Projects

COVID-19 Offers Surprising Opportunities for Successful Projects

This article will hopefully help executives, project, and business owners realize that they might be missing opportunities because they are only looking at COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Opportunity: Never-Ending Change

You can always count on the need to change. COVID-19 has proven to be more relevant than ever before. It could be a shift in working hours, customer and worker protections, operating times, cleaning and disinfecting, or the number of employees who work at any given time. But there’s one constant theme: the need to change.

COVID-19 presented new challenges to multi-state organizations that are used to following organizational standards. This goal is now in jeopardy due to the new health and government requirements for businesses. Although it is desirable to have policies that cover the entire organization, this may not be possible. You must have the flexibility to respond locally.

These challenges are not something you should allow to get you down. Resilience is key. Look for opportunities.

Find Opportunities

What are your best opportunities?

Plexiglas shields have been installed in banks, stores, and other customer-facing businesses. This creates a safer environment and reduces the risk of customers or employees transmitting airborne contaminants.

This was an excellent opportunity for companies that make shields. Maybe they made shields before. They may have a new product or scrap material from more significant jobs. It was an unexpected opportunity. Are you looking for yours?

Remodeling an old showroom can pose a problem for your business. This is because it could disrupt the sales floor. However, with the COVID-19 traffic reductions, now may be the perfect time to remodel.

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In order to facilitate social distancing, gyms and similar facilities are changing the arrangement of their equipment. It makes sense, but is this all they can do to make it work? Is there any other way to improve or make changes while participation is low?

Are you unsure if your company has a product that isn’t producing? What are the causes of this problem? Does the problem lie in sales staff not being knowledgeable about product features? This is the right time to refresh the training program, which can be delivered online or in small groups. Are you making use of this opportunity to train your sales team, even though they are less engaged?

Are you experiencing problems with a piece of software program, equipment, or a system that is causing excessive downtime or simply not working efficiently? A remote sales team had a problem with technology, and they hired me to fix it. Although several technicians had attempted to solve the problem, they were unable to spend the time necessary. It took three days for the problem to be resolved. Do you face similar problems?

You can take the time to find your opportunities now or hire someone to assist you.

Success Story of COVID-19

This article explains the construction of the Salt Lake City Airport. Salt Lake saw the benefits of the pandemic. The reduced traffic allowed construction in passenger areas at a faster pace, which saved $300 million dollars and took many years off the project.

Meetings Virtually for Project Meetings

It is challenging to complete projects on schedule and within budget. Every project is susceptible to delays, modifications, scope creep, and interference. If allowed, these can cause a project to be delayed or canceled. To prevent or at least minimize distractions, business managers must have control over team members, project managers, and stakeholders.

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Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) states that project control should be done through face-to-face meetings with individual and group members. This is when project owners or executives can review the status of the project and, if necessary, reset the focus to ensure that the project continues on its path. Here is where control can be lost as individual agendas, and changes in focus can often change the project’s direction.

Face-to-face meetings are difficult, if not impossible, with COVID-19. But technology today can overcome these limitations. This is an excellent opportunity to rethink the process. Virtual meetings can be used instead of being tied to a face-to-face meeting. Travel schedules and other factors can make it challenging to arrange face-to-face meetings. Because virtual meetings are so convenient, these problems can be overcome. They can be held anywhere, at any time. It is difficult to find excuses not to meet.

Virtual Meetings Give You More Control

It is easier for project owners to manage virtual meetings. The organizer can set ground rules that require participants to remain quiet and can also control the situation. Participants can request to speak, and the organizer can end any discussion that is not on topic.

Mitigating Project Scope Creep

While physical meetings can drag on for a while, virtual meetings shouldn’t be too long. The meeting should last for a specified time (30-60 minutes), with a shared agenda. When the timer is up, the meeting should end. To manage scope creep and avoid it happening, topics that are not related to the project should be dealt with separately.

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Social Distancing at Project Meetings

Face-to-face meetings are losing much of their value today as people practice social distancing, wear masks, and have a tendency to avoid face-to-face conversations. The “close-up” benefits of being able to “read” and “see” facial expressions have been lost. These are crucial for understanding the other person.

Virtual meetings don’t require masks, social distancing, or any other form of disguise: expressions can still be seen “out in public.” As long as your screen is large enough, you can still see facial expressions if you are sitting at an average distance to your computer.


Business executives and owners should now be asking themselves what COVID-19 opportunities they have. Have you put off any projects? Do not waste time!



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