Leadership or Management, Is There a Difference?

Leadership or Management, Is There a Difference

Although leadership and management are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a massive difference between them. While leaders can sometimes be managers, most managers are not leaders. These traits are rare in an exceptional individual. Both have unique abilities that are essential for success in a high-growth company.

Leaders are able to bring people together around a shared vision. Employees will follow leaders because they believe in the vision so strongly. Leaders are more likely to take risks to achieve the vision. Managers, on the other side, are better at following through with the vision and guiding employees. They are able to see the complexities and work with them. To avoid unnecessary risk, managers are preferred.

Entrepreneurs are often leaders, not managers. However, a manager who is expected to lead a company will not make it as successful. While some managers are able to motivate and others can implement systems effectively, these are not their main strengths. Knowing your strengths as a leader and manager will allow you to make the right decisions early on that will ensure your success.

This book introduces a new style of leadership called Intellectual Authentic Transformational Leader. The combination of two leadership styles, authentic and transformational, is called an Intellectual, Authentic Transformational Leader. This leadership style combines the best qualities of both the leadership styles mentioned above. To improve leadership style, this style also includes emotional intelligence and intellectual aspects. This book will discuss the values that have been chosen to guide this style of leadership. To give the reader a complete understanding, I will first outline the different types of leadership.

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Leadership is Performance, not Position.

Leaders are those responsible for making decisions and bringing about change. Leaders empower people to realize their full potential and encourage them to do so. The people choose their leaders based on their performance, point-of-view, and actions. You can be a leader if you behave like one and make a difference.

Setting an example is the best way to influence others.

Leaders want their teams to perform at their best. While providing excellent orientation is the best way to begin, there are always areas for improvement. Your team should learn from your example. This is the best way to teach. Your actions should reflect what you’re teaching others. When it is hard to believe in yourself and are tempted to give up, you need to be the one to overcome obstacles with self-assurance, determination, and willpower to succeed. Your team will support you and do the same.

Leadership is about making an impact.

The most outstanding leaders of history were all influential on their teams. Leadership does not mean setting goals and achieving them together with your team. Leadership does not require dazzling public speaking or impressive communication skills. You must be a true leader and make a significant contribution to society’s interests.

Leadership is about Pursuing Vision

Your actions will be ineffective without a vision. While everyone can be busy with many tasks, the key to success is to focus your time and effort on your vision. Vision is what motivates people. Your vision should be your own, and you should coordinate all of your actions towards it. Your team should encourage each member to share that vision.

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What people see concerns them.
People are more concerned about what they see than what is said. Don’t waste your time and others’ time with endless conversations about your plans. Be clear about your goals, and everyone else will see them the same way.

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