Do You Have the Capability to Choose to Be Powerful or Powerless?


Do You Have the Capability to Choose to Be Powerful or Powerless
The power of a person is the capacity to influence someone else to act against their will. This is, at least, the way we think of the power to fulfill the purpose we have set for it: to educate people about various forms of power and to recognize when it’s employed against them. “Know your enemy” is a quote that is suitable.

What is your power base?

It isn’t the equivalent of authority. You can utilize your position within the hierarchy to accomplish specific goals but do excessively, and people will revolt and accuse you of being a weak leader. Employ and dismissing is an effective strategy employed by managers and businesses who have a questionable leadership style. Make people feel like machines or nudge them into a description of processes, and threaten with targets and say that you could find the best person easily. These are all indicators of a kind of leadership that needs help. Your strength lies in the ability to inspire people to join your organization. Will they be able to accomplish their goals by following your example?

How much power do you actually have?

Are there other people who have the power? As with my own family, I’d think that the children have the most all the control. They set the time I wake up and go to bed and eat breakfast, what we’re going to do on the weekend, and that we need to attend the hockey game on Sundays in the weekend. I wouldn’t probably have as much fun If I took the reigns. In business, it’s not much different. There are skilled craftsmen and specialists who are powerful. Make a mistake when you use power in professional settings, and they’ll look for another organization to work for faster than you can correct an error.

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Different kinds of power

Over the years, man has discovered more sophisticated methods to gain power. Coercive force is the oldest weapon known to mankind that is the threat of physical abuse and assault. Still in use to a significant extent Think of the numerous conflicts that are still ongoing. Asset power is the following line: I own something you’d like to have, so I have power over you. Capitalist systems are built around the most significant asset thought of money. Soft coercive power entails manipulating, backstabbing, making a statement, and enticing. Doctrinal power refers to the powers employed by religions, political parties, and, sometimes, even philosophical theories.

Do you want to use the option or don’t?

Power is highly efficient. Just press the right button, and you’re suddenly in a position to accomplish something that would otherwise be unthinkable. It is important to use power with caution. Really? What are the reasons why businesses or governmental institutions, as well as non-profit organizations organized in a hierarchical manner? A better question might be can we manage ourselves without hierarchy? Cooperatives are often very effective, but they also face particular challenges.

Ultimate power

The most modern kind of power is one in which the power is not there. The purpose isn’t me, me, and myself. The goal is actually we. All stakes and interests of those involved are balanced in as to lead to an end goal that is common to all. Leadership in the 21st century should be built on relationships power, which is the fifth type of power. Followers should be doing so with a conscious mind. It is possible to take the lead in one context and then follow in a different.

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Do you know the power base? How do you increase power? How do you keep it? To become strong, you’ll have to know these aspects. To ensure your safety from other people, it is essential to be aware of when power is being employed: I would instead not act against my own wishes without having the conscious decision to act accordingly.

Authors: Richard Kleijnen

The goal of our company is to help people be more conscious, authentic, and capable and think about the power we have. We offer a program of training that is based on the notion of power that consists of four parts that cover interpersonal communication negotiation, trust, and power. The four components are combined. The training program can be purchased as is, or it is customizable or used to build your in-house or commercial training portfolio.

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