Falling (or Staying!) in Love With Your Business

Falling (or Staying!) in Love With Your Business

When you’re entrepreneurial, I’m sure that you have an experience with the critics within your own midst. That moment where you realize “darn right!” and you pursue your dreams. My experience was the time I went out to dinner with a bunch of women, and we were discussing working remotely, assisting clients from home who can be located anywhere around the globe. They looked at each other and said, “how is that even possible” or “is it even a job”? Now, I’m proud to say that I have days when I begin by talking to colleagues in Taiwan first, after that, New Zealand, sometimes the UK, and then back here in the US. It’s possible and is an actual job. I only had to imagine about it, to create it.

So what am I trying to accomplish in this?

An acquaintance of mine has decided to embark on a career shift and is trying to determine what he’s interested in. I just said you have the chance to make your own career and not try to be a part of something else. In the past year, I’ve seen him at a job with which he was not in love. It was just a means to fill his time. We discussed how do you be able to do what you enjoy (teach) and stay up to date in your area (advisor) and challenge yourself with new possibilities (mentoring). It’s not a “job” with three interests.

It’s hard, isn’t it? It’s hard to create a job instead of being employed at a job that’s already defined.

A couple of days ago, I met an old coworker who runs her own business and has a great time. She asked me what I’d done during the weekend and, when I said I worked on Sundays, she said, “I’m not there yet.” She was misinterpreting that I was working during the weekend as I needed to. But the truth is that I’d like to. I don’t have to worry about the day’s start (OK, I do have some… however, seldom do I experience that feeling). I enjoy my job, and I am thrilled with my clients. Make sure you are on top of your game, and advancing are choices, not tasks.

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Here are a few suggestions to stay committed to your company:

Do not be afraid to take one or two risks and try to step out from your comfort zone every now and then.
Request your clients to give testimonials. If you can see the positive impact you’re making, you’ll immediately feel rejuvenated.
Find occasions to study with other people Learn from others – learning can be a source of inspiration!
Keep your goals in your mind, Make your own vision board, and set a goal to work toward it even in a small way every day.
Re-create and recreate – put fresh energy into a program and recreate it, but make time for relaxation (get out for an exercise! Join a gym or volunteer). Get a new lease of life into your daily life and into your business.
In the past month, we’ve blogged about balance, overwhelm, and cleaning up your business for spring with tips that can assist you in falling back over your business. Being an entrepreneur can be exciting, and it’s your chance to create your own path regardless of whether it fits in a neat and tidy box. If you are able to embrace your passion, you’ll always be at the edge of something unique!
Be aware of spring and the freshness spring will bring!



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