Why Do Arabs Like To Show Off?

Why Do Arabs Like To Show Off

London’s newspapers and magazines were filled with stories and photos of Arab millionaires showing off their wealth to the delight (and sometimes amazement) of Londoners in the West End. Young royals and sons of oligarchs showing off their only-seen-in-magazines supercars, Arab young women walking around in luxury department stores like Harrods and Selfridges covered in diamond watches and jewelry, wearing the kind of fashion that would fit for a walking advertisement of luxury brands considering the amount of logos printed on every headscarf and handbag.

Westerners who prefer everything elegant and straightforward are shocked to see such sights. They wonder why Arabs love to show off!!

This question can only be answered if we look at it from three perspectives: historical, religious, and cultural.

Cultural Reasons

You will notice the culture of showing off the further you travel to the east in this world. To be able to see the ostentatious attitude to luxury, you don’t have to go to Europe. Have you ever seen an Italian? They also have brand names on their bodies… Ok, maybe they know how to look more professional wearing brand names, but that doesn’t change the fact that they love to show off. This cultural attitude is shared by Greeks, Russians, and Turks. This trait is only found in France, Britain, and Germany. It also exists in Switzerland, Belgium, France, and other Scandinavian countries.

Why do we only notice Arabs? It’s because there are more Arab tourists visiting London in summer than any other nationalities. Arabs can also drive the fastest cars, wear the most expensive stones, and live in the most exclusive areas of London because of their wealth. If we gave the same wealth to a country of eastern culture, would you think their nationals wouldn’t be more extravagant than the Arabs? Have you heard of Onassis? Have you seen Berlusconi before? Exactly!

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For religious reasons

The Koran contains a verse that, if translated into English, would read: “And concerning the gift of God you should talk “… In other words, show what God gave you. It is believed that wealth and offering your wealth are bad. It is no surprise that people in the East, particularly the Arab World, are competing to show their God’s gifts. This competition reflects on fashion, food, and lifestyle.

They consider them misers for being so understated. They see them as misers! Arabs believe that wealthy people who don’t show off their wealth are hiding something. These characters would be ridiculed in Arab societies. People will think you are not wealthy if you own a Casio watch or drive a Ford Fiesta.

Historical Reasons

History has shown that the East, and especially Arabs, have a tendency to lavishness and excess. You’ll see excessive opulence when you look at Middle Ages Arab architecture. The palaces of the Arab Caliphs featured mercury-filled ponds with tiger skin pillows that could be used to relax. Arab women used to wear gold belts adorned with rare stones and silk garments made from the finest silk imported from India and China. Books were written in thousands, with sleeves made of gazelle skin. Even horses and camels were decorated with gold and silver chains. This was all possible at a time when Europe was in its darkest age, and Charlemagne was still learning to write his name.

The industrial revolution brought about a new age in Europe, with wealth and better living conditions for industrialists and misery for the working classes. In Europe, luxury was always associated with the idea that you had to act like someone who feels the pain of the majority. Anything that was not practical or useful was considered to be bad taste. Luxurious items were judged on their innovation. Suits, hats, and umbrellas were replaced by decorated gowns and elaborate tiaras in fashion. This was happening in Europe, while the East, especially the Arab World, was falling into its own dark ages. It was carrying the shells and memories of a rich past.

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Two very different historical paths have shaped the taste of two very distinct cultures. But who is right and who is wrong? Who says understated is good and ostentatious bad? Who said that we shouldn’t show off our best? Who decides if supercars can be purchased and driven around the city block time and again? Who?

According to my, the reason London newspapers and magazines published articles on the showing off by Arabs was that they were doing so in London, which is a city where showing off is considered bad taste. But do you think journalists in Dubai write about the showing of Arab nationals? Because in Dubai and other Arab countries, being overly confident is commonplace. This shocks and surprises people.



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