The Benefits Of Creating A Corporate Board Game

The Benefits Of Creating A Corporate Board Game

In this time of virtual reality and mobile games, it’s difficult to convince that it is a good idea to create games for corporate boards to increase team bonding and strategy.

The game of chess appeared to be completely off-putting and was designed for people who desire more leisure time.

This is far from reality.

Different components of the New Board Game

For instance, the board can be made to showcase the immediately established processes that are not able to be altered in the short term. In this case of this, if you have a bakery, it could be the case that the board is the name and popular cakes that your customers expect whenever they purchase from you. In the event that you own a DIY laundry, the board could be designed to consider the fact that you’re running the present quantity of coin-operated washing machines as well as dryers.

Then let’s move to the design of your playing cards. Each card could be a potential scenario that could arise in the day-to-day operation of your business. Following the example of a confectionary earlier, one example of a card might be when your client is asking to change the design of their cake to be used for an upcoming wedding, and you’re given only a short deadline to take action on the request. Or, you may be informed that the key ingredient for a stunning wedding cake is unavailable and, in response to the game you have chosen, then you must suggest a substitute ingredient that will satisfy your client.

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The dice could also symbolize the number of hours you’re given to work on the issue. If you choose to roll 8, it could mean that you have eight days to alter the ingredients. You will create a Gantt Chart for each of the eight days to win around.

In keeping this simple example of a board game in your mind, here are some benefits to think about when you have your business decides to set aside time to create a board game.

Advantage 1: Re-look the entire workflow

A board game design offers the benefit of energizing everyone in your team to look at the whole process of work within your organization. Every aspect must be considered for the design of the game; otherwise, it won’t result in an actual final product.

Advantage 2: Official Vs. Unofficial Work-flow

When you are at the design stage, Your team will soon realize that there is a conflict between an official and an unofficial method of conducting business within your organization. It’s not difficult to comprehend since people on your team be different in their years of work experience. Be aware, but don’t ignore these differences in your game on the board.

Advantage 3: Dynamic Environment

When designing the cards, the entire team will sketch out the possible scenarios in their ever-changing work environment. The concept can be improved further by bringing outside consultants involved to provide new insights into the environment or by the introduction of commission-based market research.

Advantage 4 The Final Victory

In the short term, the board game is designed to serve as a strategy or internal tool for communication. But, there is secret knowledge and intellectual assets that can’t be divulged to outsiders of the organization. The information should not be used outside the premises of your company.

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As a learning tool, There should not be an end-to-end win during the game in order to demonstrate that the work environment is constantly changing and there is no perpetual winning position.

With this thought in mind, have fun creating your own game for your corporate board!



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