Local Cutting-Edge Technologies Adopted at Shanghai Expo

Local Cutting-Edge Technologies Adopted at Shanghai Expo

China suppliers take advantage of the long-running exhibition to break ground. They use their latest electric cars and TD-LTE networks, as well as RFID tickets, to show off their products.

As you walk through the vast exhibition halls at Shanghai World Expo, it is impossible not to be impressed by the array of pavilions and new technologies on display. Even those that are not in the Expo can be a reason to pause.

The police cars that patrol the Expo area look nothing extraordinary at first glance. The hood conceals an environmentally friendly, fully electric motor. The electric vehicles were manufactured by Lifan Industry Group Co. Ltd and were ordered by Shanghai Public Security Bureau in April. They are in keeping with the green and low carbon focus of the expo. Each unit was modeled after the company’s 620-electric car by Lifan, which supplied 30 units. They can travel up to 240km and accelerate from 0-60 kph in just 9 seconds. You can recharge the battery using a 220V outlet. A full charge takes six to seven hours. However, the battery can be charged in as little as 10 to 30 minutes.

Lifan was able to secure orders from other countries for 2000 units thanks to the buzz created by electric police cars.

Visitors can also plan their day at the expo using local technologies. A screen at the Huangpu river ferry shows the number of visitors to crucial pavilions and entry points to the Expo. This can be helpful in planning one’s itinerary. The Swedish pavilion also has a large screen that lists the performances. These are all possible thanks to the TD-LTE network that covers 5.28sq km of the World Expo park.

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China Mobile built the TD-LTE network. It offers comprehensive coverage and maintains 100Mbps downlink speed and 50Mbps upload speeds, even with high traffic. According to some reports, the rate is ten times faster than that of a 3G network. TD-LTE offers high-speed mobile Internet access and HD mobile monitoring, conferencing, and VoD.

Huawei provided the outdoor base station for data transmission. Several major telecom equipment manufacturers supplied the indoor boxes. Motorola provided indoor stations for the China and US pavilions, as well as seven others. Nokia Siemens and Ericsson provided indoor stations for the Finland and Sweden pavilions, while Alcatel-Lucent furnished the Africa pavilion.

The Shanghai Expo’s successful implementation of TD-LTE has inspired other telecom providers to adopt the technology. Far EasTone and China Mobile will jointly build Taiwan’s first TD–LTE trial network. After having been granted four BWA licenses in India, Qualcomm plans to deploy TD–LTE in India. Softbank may also set up a TD–LTE network in Japan.

Easing visitor flow, enhancing safety

Shanghai World Expo, which will be held for six months, is expected to draw approximately 70 million people. The average daily visitor count is 400,000. Due to the high traffic volume, safety, flow-monitoring, and guiding measures are essential. Local security solutions companies are working efficiently to address this issue.

For example, domestic RFID chip and system vendors have made it possible to allow visitors to get into the expo halls quicker. Intelligent bar codes on tickets, electronic or paper, can be read up to 10cm from an RFID reader at the door. This system makes it easy for guests to enter halls in just two seconds.

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RFID technology is used to track the origin of ingredients and ensure safety when food is sold at the expo.

Newlan Intl Co. Ltd has installed an intelligent video recognition system to monitor security at the expo park. On major roads, in the public square, and at the expo entrance are installed cameras that can distinguish people and vehicles from each other. Each camera can monitor 30 subjects and detect unusual behavior like vandalism, accidents, or cars that have been illegally parked.

This article was written initially by Aimee Ocampo, the managing editor at Global Sources. Global Sources is a major business-to-business media company that facilitates trade with China manufacturers. We also provide essential sourcing information for volume buyers through our trade shows, e-magazines, and industry research.



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