Work To The Death

Work To The Death

The corporate world is ruining humanity. best of humanity through demanding an unsustainable workload. This article will examine the current state of affairs and suggest an achievable and feasible solution to stop this downward spiral.

To facilitate this article, we’ll split people into two categories people who care and those who don’t. This article is focused on people who are concerned about their job and the responsibilities they have and are employed at a executive or management level in larger companies.

They are the ones who supervise and guide people below them within the organization and are required to enforce the policies from above. They are creative, intelligent and dedicated and are determined to make a difference throughout their lives. In a nutshell they take care.

The most gruesome aspect of the deterioration of living standards is the higher someone is who has greater morality, sense of responsibility as well as devotion and honour will suffer most as that person is driven to get the work done in time and in the manner required. In essence, the more solid of character you have and the better your character, the less you will are afflicted.

Let’s take the example of a clothing manufacturing plant in communist Russia. You would be given the quota of, for instance 100 shirts that they could produce during the course of a day. If they could produce 100 shirts, the limit was increased to 102 the following day. If the quota was met then it would be increased to 100.

Each time you reached your daily quota, your assumption was that you were competent enough to work harder and management could increase demand.

But, if you had made the quota of 98 shirts, it is still close to meet the requirement so that you wouldn’t be in trouble, however, it shows you have reached the maximum amount you can make. The quota was the same. The smart ones kept their pace.

The corporate world in the west is similar. If you’re committed to finishing the task even if it requires working late at weekend and at night The bosses who are blind will push you to work harder since they’ll consider you competent to get the job done and do not needing additional help.

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The head office is the only one who ensures that the task is completed according to the deadline by the close of each month. They have no consideration of how many or how little, of them are employed, or the length of time. Their sole goal is to provide the reports to shareholders.

The upper management must be trained to decrease their demands , which can be detrimental to your daily life.

In a construction site in Thailand the workers were on bamboo scaffolding, with no safety ropes nor security. When asked what happens in the event of a fall that broke his leg for instance and thinking of the Western way of liability, the project’s manager responded that it was not a problem. The man’s brother would be there to replace him.

The world of business isn’t any different. If you’re high enough in the plane or building that houses offices, everybody below appears to be ants.

I’ve seen numerous high-quality people get sick or die in their 40s and 50s as a result of this kind of abuse, as I’m sure many of you have. My student who held the position of executive of an international corporation had a major impact on his life after a coworker suffered a heart attack and died at the age of 41.

An Effective Way To Change

I am proposing to start of a campaign that will see corporate executives overworked start living a healthy life and stop working until the end of the project. This will show that their demands are not reasonable and should be reduced or a larger support staff be provided.

One person may be fired and replaced but not the whole team. For this process to work, it must have sufficient people from each business to come together, making the unified replacement cost more than the transition. It is also possible to leave and find a better job and it’s well if you are able to. I have assisted many people get the right job or to create their own business, therefore, it’s always an alternative.

Think about what it was like to be an Indian man who fought the British empire in the days before it was truly a global empire. Mahatma Gandhi was a man with no significant means, but with an incredible strength of character, and influenced by the plight by Indians Indian people, won the freedom from India of British rule. Incredible change is possible when you’re determined, or angry enough.

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It’s up to you alter the course of your ever-shrinking lifespan due to stress , as well as not having a great day in your life or your family.

Life is entirely in your own hands according to the ethical principle #1 You must take full responsibility for Every Single Thing You Do.

Do not live your life in intimidation or fear. If we unite and establish this as a global idea for executives, managers, and employees, then the world will change and we will come back to being humans instead of slaves who worked until death.

Let’s take a look at the data. The leading cause of death in the world at all age groups is heart attack. The the second are strokes (2). You can tell where you can feel it when you’re anxious, within your heart and your head.

In the USA and removing poisonings and accidents that may be unintentional and suicide is the most common reason for death among people 15-35 and second after breast cancer between 35-44. The number drops to five when we get to the age of 45+ as Heart Stroke and Heart disease and cancer, move higher on the list.

This is logical since when people reach that age, they have children and they will live for their sake , but will increase the strain of their job as they climb the corporate ladder.

These numbers are alarming but it’s clear that it’s just too stressful when we climb up the ranks of the organization.

The Basic Principiale of Life

Every thing in the world is based on the basic principle of cause and result. If we wish to solve any issue, it is essential to determine the cause to discover a solution.

It is because of the the pressure to get the necessities: food, clothes and shelter. We must work hard in order to raise the funds to afford these necessities. Humans are always looking for to be better and more efficient, consequently, we try to improve our standing in order to gain more money for more security and comfort. This is normal , and there’s absolutely nothing wrong in it. It is what drives the process of evolution and growth.

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We also need to look at another essential part of being human. That is having a partner and a companion to spend time with and bring joy to the journey. This leads us to examine the staggering and increasing rate of divorce.

What is the cause of divorce? Stress. The demands and pressures of daily life can stop couples from enjoying the time they need to strengthen their bond. The more work the more anxiety and time one has and it isn’t in any way gender-specific no more. Innovative concepts like the concept of “date night was created to allow couples to enjoy time with each other. What kind of lifestyle do we live in when couples have to make an effort to schedule an evening each week they don’t have to work so that they can enjoy the night with each other.

I had a conversation with a man who was married to a woman who wanted him to earn more money. So he requested the boss to work more hours in order to receive extra overtime compensation. He earned the money, however, she later divorced him due to the fact that he was not staying home in a sufficient amount.

It’s time for us to go back to being a human. It’s time to begin working to live and not to work. It’s time to end the chaos of stress-related illnesses as well as the work pressures and stress which lead to suicide and divorce. It’s time to have a calm and wise revolution at the executive level.

Be consistent, work at a reasonable hour, end your day when the workday is completed, return to your 9-5 life, and over time things will improve for everyone. Think of it as an act of kindness, in the event that you don’t since doing this can create more jobs and this is an extremely powerful motivator that could lead to becoming the President.



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