How To Manage The Thank You Page For Your Business

How To Manage The Thank You Page For Your Business

A new person joins your list, and what are they looking at?

“You have been subscribed. You may unsubscribe at any point by clicking here. Thank you.”

Wow! This really helped to build some rapport did it not? I’m telling you, I’m so excited about being added to another list that I’d like to… and… Actually, I’m not. And I’m thinking of unsubscribing. Thank you.

If the example above is similar to your thank you page If you’re not, then you’re blowing it.

Your thank you page is an ideal for building relationships and encourage your new subscriber more involved in your new relationship.

With this in mind With that in mind, here are 6.5 ideas for the things you can do to your thank you page so that it will not result in new subscribers turning away in annoyance, boredom or anger:

1. Find out more about the new subscriber

They’ve given you their email address or their name. Now, ask for something that can help in your marketing and show that you’re keen on them.

Examples include:

* What is it that they would most desire to know about?

What is their primary aim?

What is the most significant issue they’re facing today?

2. Increase your shares and gain more subscribers

Request your customers to join their friends on social media for your lead magnet or incentive.

In the return you’ll give them something that is better than the original offer that enticed them to sign up in the first place.

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3. Create authority and credibility

Prove that they made an informed choice when they joined your list by displaying prior reviews and testimonials from your most loyal customers.

4. The lead magnet should be sold. again

If done correctly If done correctly, your lead magnet will be an excellent example of your skills. But it’s not going to make your new subscribers harm if the recipients don’t use it. Be sure to remind them of the things they’re about discover using short, quick bullet points such as:

“Congrats on receiving the book “Hidden Strategy for Traffic.”

Download it by clicking this link.

If you do you will discover:

* Toilet paper is the method to create traffic on demand page 6

* The irritating mail that can double referrals page 12

The most surprising method to increase your traffic by three times per week, just like clockwork page 15

5. Post them on your blog

You can also send those to your latest watched video. Or…

The most important thing is to make them believe in your teaching, so they’ll be able to implement the lessons you’ve taught them to achieve the results they want in their lives. Once they’ve done that it, they’ll return to learn more.

6. Promote something

Give them an offer they won’t be able to accept. This is a great opportunity to sell that old course for $197 to them for “Just $11, One-Time Only, Take it Today.”

Make the value appear as if you’re selling it for $197 and buyers would buy it.

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If they do, you’ve achieved more than just $11 – you’ve made them your customer, your purchaser and possibly a raving fan who is promoting you through social media and purchases everything you sell.

At the very least, you can purchase the product and buy it later.

6.5 Include the secrets sauce

Whatever of the six options you select for your thank you page I encourage you to show your persona.

If it’s a good fit for your company and your needs add some humor. Make use of a humorous picture or cartoon to convey your gratitude for them signing up.

Make use of your own photos to establish a trust. Make it appear stunning and memorable using the assistance of a graphic designer.

Keep in mind that your thank-you page is the best place to establish rapport with your customers Don’t overdo it.



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