Investments, Money And Parrots

Investments, Money And Parrots

In a small village, were two people who lived there, John as well as Don. John was extremely smart, while Don was less so.

The two headed to markets in the next town to go shopping. After arriving at the market they were delighted to see everything that were on sale including clothes, sweets, food items, toys, utensils and even pets for sale.

While walking about they came across parrots. They both loved birds, and decided to purchase a few of them.

They asked the seller for much they cost. The seller responded, “These parrots are fifty dollars each, while the others cost five thousand”.

The two people were looking at each other as they asked each other “Why this different price?”

The seller said,” The ones for fifty are not wise . They cannot be taught or taught to do anything. The more expensive ones are intelligent and are able to learn various things.”

Don who was quite so smart, decided to purchase ten smaller parrots. John the more wise one was able to choose to buy only one bird that was more expensive.

Don told John, “Don’t be ridiculous. One parrot can cost you five thousand rupees and that’s just one! 10 of the cheapest parrots are just five hundred! If you choose to purchase the lesser model, you will not only get more parrots but you should be proud to invest in your advertising , and a few strategies that have proven to increase reach and thus sales.

Here are some helpful tips for making smart investments in advertising today, without altering anything that is fundamental to what you already do.

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1. Explore pay-per-click advertising.

Remember, Google isn’t just the one circus that’s in town in the world of pay-per-click advertising.

Google could have the largest quantity of users on their advertising platform, but they’re not the only choice. Increase your reach through other search engine options. Bing is a great option for companies targeting the baby boomer age group for instance. Also, you can investigate Google Search Partner Networks for additional opportunities to increase your return on investment.

2. One ad per keyword.

Common mistakes of rookies are Do not run an ad campaign that has 12 keywords and just have one ad. If you do, you’re wasting money. Instead, you should create specific groups of ads that focus on specific keywords. Make two or three ads for the one keyword. Once you’ve identified which ad performs best to run, go with it; the most sensible one and leave the other ones where they are.

3. Increase the quality of your content.

Give your social media content a little boost. Because of the sheer amount of similar campaigns and advertisements across our social media platforms companies are finding it harder and harder to make their message heard. According to recent data, Facebook is showing only 6 percent of business content to their user base. If you’re posting without providing your content with an extra boost with a fee then you must consider it. If your page has more than 100 followers on your website, a “boost button will be displayed on the right side of every blog post. You can try it. At less than $29 you can reach across to thousands users and expand your following beyond what you thought possible with the numerous freeways to reach people.

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In this story, a wise person realizes that the key is the quality that counts, not the quantity. A little bit of money, (one key investment) is able to surpass the other, time-consuming and inexpensive methods to accomplish it. The word “time” is money.

My suggestion? Find a wise bird and take it to the air, and let it speak for you on the internet. Eliminate all other junk that’s draining your precious time to little or no benefit. If it’s not working then it doesn’t matter how effective it is.



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