Business Management: Employee Incentives or Punishment?

Business Management Employee Incentives or Punishment

It’s a myth that could Enhance the productivity of employees.

A chain of salons for waxing has employees who must sell a huge quantity of items to clients as well as for waxing a nearly inconceivable amount of clients per day. This puts employees under extreme pressure to fulfill requirements that are unjust. Additionally, the company frequently threatens to dismiss employees who don’t reach certain quotas. Even employees who are performing very well from week to week but occur to have an off week or two are being threatened. Business management believes that this will increase the productivity of employees. But this kind of thinking is not beneficial because employees aren’t inclined to perform their best in the face of danger.

This type of dangerous business management strategy is seen at every level. Technical people, managers, and all professionals employed in corporate settings typically are entrapped within a culture of the corporate, which is characterized by the threat of dismissal or laid-off as an environment. The expectation is that employees work overtime without remuneration. The ones who can’t due to obligations at home or who aren’t convinced by the idea that all of their life should be devoted to working are usually removed from the workplace. This causes anxiety and stress for those who are employed. Fear and stress do not increase productivity.

Parental Punishment and Threats fail to create the best behavior for children.

The reality that punishment or threats of punishment do not increase productivity starts in the early years of childhood. Children who are threatened by their parents with punishment or try to encourage positive behavior with punishment usually are faced with three choices-(1) they accept since they’re not as big and powerful, but they perform the minimum that is required by their parents. (2)they are rebels and fight their parents all the way, suffering ever-increasing punishment. Sure, they are afraid of them, yet they do not appreciate their authority. Perhaps (3) they may pretend to be tolerant but often “forget” to complete their chores or leave at night, as their parents lie asleep, or they learn to manipulate their parents in various ways.

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This is often the case between employees and employers. Management of businesses whose strategy is to try to increase productivity through threats of firing or layoffs only succeed in fear of their employees and in creating an environment where they and their employees become enemies. What motivates an employee to be able to do his best in a world where he is constantly threatened? Not only does stress affect confidence and drive However, a lack of reward or something that is positive erodes motivation.

A sense of community is better for business Management.

The threat of being punished or losing employment causes a loss of confidence, and employees are not able to perform to their best. The feeling of security is one of the most fundamental necessities. We know that employees who feel secure and secure and feel respected and respected for their work the productivity of their employees will increase. Collaboration between employees and employers to achieve a common goal generates an atmosphere of belonging and community of working in a team that inspires people to strive to be their best. The feeling of belonging and community stimulates creativity in people, which can be beneficial for creativity. The recognition and reward of employees who do a good job increase their motivation of them to keep doing great work. For instance, the chain of salons above can get more value from their employees by recognizing those who sell the most of items, and giving them increments or commissions for what they sell, as well as providing training on sales for employees or providing suggestions for working more effectively. There is no need to have an additional threat of the punishment of those who are less successful as each individual will naturally try to do their best.

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The reality that I have a license as a psychotherapist and decades of experience is helpful in my work with companies and companies. I am focused on “people issues” in the workplace-the way in which interpersonal relations, group dynamics, and communication of an organization hamper effective and efficient operation. I assist organizations by:

*Executive and Management Coaching
*Effective people management
*Team Facilitation
*Conflict Facilitation and Mediation and conflict resolution workshops
Training and coaching to help develop an effective, clear, and direct way of communicating
Clarifying mission and vision
Clarifying roles and procedures



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