Lots of Great Ideas But Zero Action

Lots of Great Ideas But Zero Action

Through my time in corporate America and medical practices and managing my own company, I’ve come across many amazing ideas. Unfortunately, often there is no action taken to turn these ideas into real. I’ve put together a quick list of the reasons that managers, leaders, and employees think that it’s best to overlook the fact that something positive could occur if actions were taken.

The Work is painful

As a project supervisor, I frequently observe that people are excited about the results that the project will bring. A project, for instance, is launched to develop an entirely new product that holds enormous potential on the market. The excitement typically comes to a halt once work is delegated to team members. Although the project is crucial to the success of the business however, many feel that the added work is too burdensome and want to ensure that they can get rid of the idea. Another reason is that the idea can be delayed for one year.

Mediocrity is Fine

It’s true that some leaders will be apathetic and fall behind. In order to be successful, this particular project, as well as many others, has to be started and planned, implemented, and managed. The executives believe that they’ve got an equal share although the results aren’t great, they’re sufficient to keep them in the business. The invoices are paid in time and employees are willing to join the business. Because the majority of work is involving current clients The workload and stress can be managed. That’s right, the company that is mediocre is managed by poor staff and leaders. The sad reality is that the days of these kinds of businesses are over. In a few years they will see their share of the market decrease most likely because clients will find that they can find more value.

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Incompetence reigns

As I do, you’ve worked for businesses where leaders don’t have a grasp of the essentials to ensure the company’s success. I can recall a situation in which an executive requested the office in his main location to move to a place closer to his home. He was sick of having to drive 15 miles to his current office and believed he would be more productive if the commute was reduced to 5 minutes. It is interesting to note that he had raised the issue in at minimum 10 occasions during meetings with the key participants. The wish had never come true, and he quit the company. The job he took was just 25 miles distance from home. What a coincidence!

The main takeaway is that brilliant ideas only have value only if somebody is committed to making them real. That means there must be a champion, that is, someone who is willing to work hard to ensure that the plan and the work is completed. The person in question must be an individual who makes decisions or is able to get the attention that of an executive.

There are employees in businesses who are ready to face the task of making things happen. They are aware of when it is time to take on more work. They are also aware of when to request to be taken off of their other duties to focus on the most important tasks. I’m sure you’re aware of who they are within your workplace. You won’t see them at the water cooler or during break times because they’re working. Another distinctive characteristic of people who are driven is that they consider excuse-making an excuse to waste time.

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