Quick Tips To Getting Your Customers To Book Online

Quick Tips To Getting Your Customers To Book Online

Finally, you made the switch from the old pen and paper method of making reservations to an online kennel management system. Although it helps you optimize your day-today operations, some customers still hesitate about making the switch to an electronic booking system. It is easy to use and intuitive. It’s easy to use and customers will love it. However, getting to that point can be difficult. To save time and make bookings easier, you switched to kennel management software.

We are here to help. Here are some tips that will help your customers book more easily. They’ll love it.


You want to attract new customers and returning customers. Make sure your BOOK ONLINE HERE button is easily found. This link should be on every page of your website as well as in your advertising and emails. This call to action will grab your customers’ attention, and make them aware that they can book online. It should be easy to find and reach!


You can make your online booking system more attractive to customers by offering a special rate to customers who book online. Your customers will be more inclined to book online and return for another appointment. You’ll get more time to manage your kennel than answering phones or taking reservations.


It is important to promote your kennel’s new online system. Customers don’t often know that online reservations are available at your kennel. While it is important to place a link or button on your website, it is also vital to spread the word about your booking system via social media and word-of-mouth. Engaging with customers on social media and in person can increase word-of-mouth.

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It may also be useful to change the voicemail of your kennel for customers calling after hours or when you are not available to answer the phone. Customers can book online any time, 24 hours a days, seven days a week. Make sure you emphasize the convenience of an online booking system and inform your customers whenever possible. Blogs can be written explaining why booking online is so easy. You can also promote the blog on your website and social networks.

Email is another quick and simple way to advertise your online booking system for your existing and new customers.


You can use kennel management software to send a thank you email to customers who book online. This personal touch helps you build a relationship and makes your customers more likely to book online again.


Send out an email campaign to promote a discount for customers who book online. It’s easy with various email services to send emails that reflect your brand. This is a great way for you to quickly reach your customers and spread the word.

You can save time and money by using a kennel management software, but it is easier to use when customers book online. These tips will help you transition from calling to making reservations online.


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