How To Integrate A Time Tracker With Your Bookkeeping

How To Integrate A Time Tracker With Your Bookkeeping

Explain the Usefulness of a Time Tracker

It is important to explain the benefits and reasons for installing a time tracker at your workplace to all employees before you do so. Not only should you explain the motivation of the management to keep track of time, but also the benefits that a time tracker can bring to the company’s growth and benefit. Avoid sounding like a “big sister” who is constantly watching their backs. Explain that time tracking will provide the information:

How to identify areas where you can capitalize on potential

Potential opportunities to improve the company’s workflow

Promotion opportunities and recognition for top performers

Macro perspective to the company’s overall performance, and big data for strategic future decisions

Select the Time Tracker that is best for your company

The modern time tracker has many functions and integrations. You should ensure that your time tracker can be used by remote workers, as well as job costing and class tracking. It is important that you can be sure that the time tracking tool you’re considering integrates with your accounting software.

Project Management with Profitability Analysis

You may be able to identify the most profitable projects, products, and customers for your company by knowing how much time your team spends on each project or customer. Employees should be encouraged to keep track of their work hours so that you can monitor where they are working on projects and where they may be getting stuck.

Post-factum entry is a feature of time trackers that allows workers to update information regarding why tasks took longer than expected, if there were any problems, and additional tasks. It is possible to identify which customers or projects are causing problems and change tactics quicker than waiting for the month’s end to analyze your books.

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Time trackers can show you how your business is doing. A time tracker can give you a clear picture of your business’s activities and show you the tasks that employees complete on their computers. This data will allow you to make adjustments to each project while still meeting your goals.

Cost Savings

Companies can improve their bottom line and find excess funds. This can be achieved through careful bookkeeping and time tracking. Once you have a good understanding of the business’ workflow, it is much easier to spot problems.

Once you have gathered your time tracking data and are able do a deeper analysis, you will see that your results can be used to regulate every aspect of your business. Encourage your team to use time tracking to help improve the company’s future, not to keep an eye on them.

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