Why Venting Is The Wrong Way To Deal With Workplace Anger

Why Venting Is The Wrong Way To Deal With Workplace Anger

Here’s a question: Have you ever been angry at work? If you have worked for any length of work, then the answer must be “yes.” We all have. The bigger question is: What did you do? There are both right and wrong actions to take when we get angry at work.

It’s so easy to vent when you get angry at work.

Let’s begin at the beginning. What is the best thing to do when you are angry at work? Although there are many things that could make you mad at work, I believe that we all have a few standard “buttons” that can cause us to be upset. Bad reviews from your boss, missing important meetings, being overlooked for promotion, etc. We feel angry when this happens. There will likely be other things going on that will fuel the fire. We might lose our parking spot, or we may spill food on ourselves. The anger grows and grows. This is not something we are proudest of as IT managers.

We become angrier and more frustrated when we feel this way. We look for ways to vent. We used to go looking for a way to vent. We now have many electronic options. It is easy to send an angry message, send a text, or chat on any of the many social media platforms. You can do all of this anywhere you have your phone. Even better, almost all of us feel better after doing it.

These are the times when problems begin to appear. Studies have shown that venting does not make you feel better. It will only make you more angry and aggressive. It’s also likely that once you vent online, it will be there forever. Your angry words could quickly come back to haunt you. Your reputation may have been damaged, friends and family might be mad at you, and you could have come across as someone who is a whiner, and nobody wants to hang around.

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How to Control Your Emotions at Work If You Become Angrily

We will always encounter situations at work that make us mad. This is something we cannot prevent from happening. We need to find a better way to cope. This anger issue needs to be addressed by IT managers. We need to realize that online venting is not the best way to deal with anger.

To control our anger, it is essential to first calm down our bodies. Anger can overtake our whole being. We’re going to try to delay our responses. We will have more time to let our rage calm down the longer we wait to decide what we want. You can calm yourself by counting to 100, deep breathing, or listening to soothing music. It may be helpful to switch off your cell phone or computer and to block your anger’s mobile number from being accessed by others. This will prevent you from getting in touch with them.

You will want to distract from the anger building inside you. You can do this in many ways, including taking a walk, reading a calm book, and working on a crossword puzzle. You should not be hungry. People who are hungry are more likely to get angry. You will also want to do things that are not compatible with anger. It is an excellent way of calming down. You can write an email or a letter to the person who hurt you, but it doesn’t have to be sent. Just file it.

What Does All This Mean for You?

We all feel anger at times. There are many things that can make us angry at work. It is essential to recognize when this happens and take immediate action. We can regret doing something later, and it could mean that IT team building is not possible.

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We all feel the need to vent our anger when we’re at work. Because there are so many options and they are so easy to use, we now look for electronic outlets. These vents can last forever and may make us appear unattractive to other people. We need to find a way to not rail against people who have wronged us online. We need to find ways to get out of our anger. You can talk to your spouse and close friends about what’s causing you irritation.

It is fantastic to see how much damage we can cause to our careers and ourselves when we get angry at work. It is now easier than ever to cause harm to our jobs using the modern electronic communication tools we have. We can avoid causing damage by learning to recognize when we get angry and how to calm ourselves down. Let’s not do anything wrong the next time that we get mad at work.



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