Can IT Managers Be Too Sensitive?

Can IT Managers Be Too Sensitive

As IT managers are accountable for managing a group that includes a range of professionals, We are tasked with finding ways to communicate and collaborate with the team. If you go to any IT manager training, you are likely to be told that you should develop sensitivity and do better at connecting with other members of your team. This is a good suggestion but is it really possible to be overly sensitive?

Are You a Highly Sensitive Individual (HSP)?

I’d like to believe that we all have some degree of sensitivity. There are certain things we experience every day that we have to feel a sense of sensitivity so that we can connect with our team. But, it was discovered that around 20percent of our team are deemed highly sensitive (HSP). The HSP does not play gender-based games. The same percentage of males and females are thought to be HSP.

Highly sensitive people are those who experience an event and react more strongly to it than a normal person would. This means that when someone who is highly sensitive is exposed to both negative and positive information from their surroundings, they will take it in a thorough manner. The final result is that it’s extremely simple for this kind of IT administrator to become overwhelmed by the number of stimulations they are exposed to.

A manager of IT who is HSP will be highly aware of the sensations. These may stem from the senses of smell, taste, hearing, touch, and even smell. This is evident especially when it comes to their own emotions as well as the feelings of other people. HSP isn’t considered an individual disorder. It is instead thought of as an innate trait that’s a constant component of an IT manager with it.

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How Do You Handle The Problem of Too Much Sensitivity

In the end, I don’t believe that anyone wants to be referred to as someone who breaks down and weeps during meetings. This means that those of us who might be described as HSP should develop methods of coping that allow us to handle everything that life puts in front of us.

The people who are HSP have been proven to have a greater depth of cognitive processing. They can have greater emotional reactions to events and the ability to spot subtleties much better than other IT managers. The first thing HSPs must be aware of is that it’s very difficult to get overwhelmed by excessive sensory input. In this case, it is necessary to take a break from social interactions in order to allow their system to heal.

HSPs must find ways to eliminate the human element from the situations that they’re in. In order to do this, they must be able to control their emotions. HSPs must also realize that not everyone will be able to respond in the exact same way to sensory stimuli the way they do. They must learn to accept the variations. They also need to cooperate with their colleagues and help everyone realize that there are times when they require the emotional “timeout” to ensure they can rest in order to recuperate in case they begin to become overwhelmed.

What Does This All Mean for What Does This Mean For

IT managers who wish to achieve a high level of building a strong IT team should learn to convey their emotions in a manner that their team can be able to see. But, it is discovered that one in five IT managers might become a highly sensitive Individual (HSP) and might be more sensitive to emotions than others do.

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If you’re a high-risk person should be aware of this to be able how to handle it. You do not want to be the person who bursts into tears whenever someone announces they’ll be going away from your group. Instead, you should learn to manage your emotions. This includes realizing that not all people be the same way as you do and making your team be aware that you might require space to yourself to recover from the stress of sensory stress.

The ability of an IT manager to connect with your team on an emotional level is an extremely positive thing. But, if your capacity to understand the feelings of your team is way too much, then you might be hypersensitive. If that’s the situation, then you’re likely to be required to develop the skills of coping that will be required to handle all the everyday events every IT manager must endure.



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