When Is It a Choice and When Is It a Decision?

When Is It a Choice and When Is It a Decision

The way we think

Is it possible that a portion of us believe that in the event that we choose one thing is that we’ll lose or lose out on other things? A majority of us make decisions and delay making choices. In a way, they’re the exact thing. However, emotionally, they’re completely different. It is common to look at a difficult thing that we must do. The decision is generally thought of as a move towards the most desirable of a variety of choices.

Your heart or your head

In other words, a choice is as if you are exercising a preference. The decision is often akin to eliminating one or more choices. This is a subtle difference between your head and your heart. The heart is the one that can create a mental image of choice that doesn’t bring emotions of resistance to the decision. The head, on the other hand, is analytical, quick, and calculating. Yes, it is important but knowing the difference is essential to balance love, business, and life.

A course in Psychology 101

Keep reading! I’m about to get somewhat geeky, but it’s important to comprehend the psychological aspects to increase your understanding of why you choose to do what you do and be able to make changes if needed.


Take a moment to observe how you feel when you believe you have to make a decision. Go on, do it now… Keep in mind that this is learning through experience! Does it feel different from the way you feel when you choose one thing?


Let’s go over the definitions of DECIDE and the words CHOICE and DECIDE. My friends who are analytical are happy for me today! The root word for choice is DECIDE. It is the Latin root “code,” which means “cut off or to kill.” Suicide, genocide, homicide, pesticide, etc. The picture is clear. The words that we use and speak have significance to our subconscious level. Neuroscience, as well as The Secret, collide- Many people experience on the subconscious level more inner conflict and angst when we make a decision. Our limited belief system that comes from the past, or as I prefer to call it, “BS” of the past, pops up its ugly head and says, “Wait! Danger Robinson! Robinson! Danger!

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The B.S. Factor


When we feel like we need to make a choice, LBS, or as I prefer to call it, restricting Bull Shit from our past can cause anxiety, leading to internal conflicts. We tend to believe the BS immediately, and without hesitation that should we choose that one thing, we’ll lose something else without taking a look at the bigger perspective. Can you think of a situation in which you feel you’re likely to be a loser? For example, “if I decide on this, then I’ll lose on the amount of.”


A decision, however, creates an impression of liberation. This is why the larger picture. The dictionary defines CHOICE as means the act of choosing and deciding. The right, power, or freedom to select or choose. Haaaaaaa… Say it to you… The choice… What do you feel? If you choose to choose a decision instead of making an ADVISE, note the changes in your body. Be aware of the words you are using every day since your meaning and my meaning are often based on thinking and reasoning that is involuntary. This means that the words we choose to use and the emotions we associate with them are influenced by a person’s personality and experience and can vary significantly from one person and from situation to. Also, emotions are the names we assign to emotions that can be more personal. Two people could experience the same emotion; however, they may label it with different words. For example, the term “fight” for me means somebody is likely to be hit, but for another, it could be love being it is a fight to get my mom’s attention.

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Your feelings and emotions play a significant role in the way you perceive as well as interact with others, as they drive for many of your actions, which can be beneficial and destructive.

We’ve completely lost the ability to take a step back and allow our intuition to influence our lives as well as in our business. Speak “I choose,” and you immediately feel euphoria or a feeling of a sense of liberation. Your mind is at peace in peace and is open. Be aware of the words we use in everyday conversations with others regardless of how small the impact is, and it can be a massive impact on how it is received and heard and also what we think about it.

You’ve got the skills, baby!

In addition to enhancing the quality of your communication skills, A further advantage is understanding that there isn’t a way to make a bad decision; it’s just the decision that we make at the moment, and then the next one and the next.



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