7 Important Things for GOOD Business Cards

7 Important Things for GOOD Business Cards

7 Tips for Business Cards:
Always keep your business cards in a place that is easily accessible
* Never have to run out of cards
* Put your PHOTO on your business card if you’re a small company
* Ensure that all the information you provide is correct.
• Provide accurate details about your company
* Make sure that the WRITING of the card clear to be read
* Be aware of the other CULTURES when dealing with your cards.

1. Always have your business cards readily available

Now, let’s take a look at these suggestions, each one at a time, beginning with the very first item in the checklist.

I am astonished by the number of people who tell me that they don’t need a business card since I don’t need one. I’m usually shocked to hear this from a small-scale business owner, and even one that is successful. To me, it’s pretty overbearing, and I’m wondering what their business is actually moving forward.

The business card you carry is like your shop window, and it’s the only way people can get in touch with you should they require or give your contact information to another. I’m always willing to hand out my business card to anyone who I believe is helpful to them.

2. Never run out of cards!

Being unable to carry business cards for me is a business practice that is unacceptable. If you’re a networker, then you must be distributing your cards as far as you can. There is no way to know who could be looking to connect with you. Make sure your logo should be visibly present on the business cards, on your website, your social media channels, your email addresses, and so on. Remember that your business card is your storefront, and you’ll be judged on it.

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3. Make sure you have your PHOTO on your business card if you run a small-sized business

A photo of yourself on your card can cut 15 minutes off the first time you meet with a stranger. It’s enjoyable to meet someone with whom you already know how they’ll appear? The judgment and anxiety of your first encounter are gone when you are prepared for what you can anticipate when you first see someone in person. This is the reason social media has proved helpful in building relationships.

A picture in a company card can help individuals remember who they bought a gift card from, essentially a memory jogger. A card that has a photo that is printed on it has a higher chance of being saved as opposed to one with no photo on it.

4. Check that all the information you have is accurate

As we mentioned earlier, the business card you carry in your shop’s window. Making sure you have the most current and accurate details in your business card’s information is essential.

I have noticed that a lot of people don’t get new cards made whenever there is a change in information. Your reputation will be judged by your card, and if the card is written on using modifications, it makes it appear unprofessional.

If the information is changed If the information changes, get rid of all of the old ones and create new ones. Do you really want to change the information? Do you wish to be perceived as not professional?

5. Provide accurate information regarding your business

Your business card is your shop window’. It is often the first opportunity for someone to know a little about your business. If that is the case, it is crucial to make sure you give the reader some details about the things you and your company are doing. It should be written concisely; therefore, make sure to provide enough to create interest for them to be inclined to contact you or visit your site.

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6. Be sure that the writing of the notecard is clear to comprehend.

What I find most challenging when it comes to business cards is the ability to quickly read the details on the card. In most cases, the fonts are difficult to read because the graphic designer has made the decision to go with fancy fonts or the size is way too small. Be aware that everyone of all ages needs to be capable of reading your card with ease. For me, if the card is hard to read using magnifying glasses, the card is thrown in the garbage.

Therefore, ensure that you choose a graphic designer who knows the importance of having a company card. It should be both transparent and clear.

7. Learn about the different CULTURES when dealing with your cards.

This is crucial because we are becoming a more multi-cultural society. Business cards are recognized as the method of transferring your contact details. It is essential that the information contained on it is current and accurate. In certain cultures, it is imperative that when you receive an official business card that it is considered disrespectful to not glance at it and take just a few minutes (even if there’s not any information). Comment on the card. Do not put it directly into your pocket.

I would suggest you study some of the essential cultural matters, especially if you travel abroad, such as the proper hand to use cards, the authenticity of the card you use, handling of other cards, etc. This is a vast topic by itself… make use of Google to help you with this.

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