What Can Google Teach IT Managers About Making Work Better?

What Can Google Teach IT Managers About Making Work Better

Do you think that the majority of employees on your team go to the office each day thinking, “one extra day, I’m just going to have to make it through and finish my job? That’s not so great”? If that’s the case and you are an IT manager, what chance do you have of making use of your IT manager’s abilities to help them increase their productivity and function as a team?

How Google has Learned About Work

A lot of the information Google is learning about working has come from Laszlo Bock, who is the director for Human Resources – or “people operations,” as he prefers to refer to it. He has a good idea of what he’s talking about. He was in charge of growing Google from a small company with three employees to one with 53,000. Bock believes it is IT managers’ responsibility to ensure that the IT manager receives the education that is required to make their work more efficient.

The way to accomplish this is always a significant problem. Bock believes it is about taking care of a variety of aspects the right way. It is essential to create an environment that is transparent and is not hidden from everyone. This must be supported by goal-setting that everyone is able to understand and strive towards. Each employee should be aware of how they’re doing. Consequently, this calls for frequent reviews of their performance. In addition, the work environment of the team has to be less centralized and empower every team member.

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Google is a firm believer in giving its employees the freedom to think independently. Bock believes this is essential because doing this forces the employee to act as if they are the owners of the business, and the final result is that they eventually are responsible for the entire company. To find out what’s happening, Google has their workers review themselves, their colleagues, and their bosses.

Google Believes It All Begins with The Hiring Process

In the majority of companies, hiring new members to an organization is something that is not often done. That means we don’t ever really have the opportunity to master this. Google is of the opinion that worth it that any employee begins in the process of hiring. One of the first things Google believes in is hiring through committees. Participating in many employees in the hiring process usually will result in better decisions being taken.

At Google, the process of hiring is a committee member asking job applicants questions using a standard list of questions. If interviewers are asked to inquire about the candidate, they’ll use the same set of questions. The result is that with the same set of questions, any interviewer’s bias is eliminated. This allows the outcomes that are derived from an interview to be easily compared.

What is it that makes Google an exception from the rest of the companies is their belief in employing the best candidate to do the job. What this means for Google is that they ignore a person’s past. What they would like to do is discover ways to help them be as productive as might be. The majority of this is due to make an effort to discover ways to make them feel happy at work.

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What Does This All Mean for What Does This Mean For

It’s a fact. Who wouldn’t want to be employed by Google? Google doesn’t only appear to have enough money to pay for every project they would like to work on; However, they also appear to be able to solve the issue of creating the workplace a place that individuals want to work in. As IT professionals, we have to realize that not everyone is able to work at Google. Therefore we must spend the time to research the things they do well and determine if we could take the same lessons to our own team.

One of the things that set Google against other firms is the fact that they invest an enormous amount of time in empowering their employees. They want them to feel like they have a stake in what they are doing for the business. Furthermore, Google believes that IT team building begins with selecting the best individuals. They accomplish this through committees and also by not paying attention to the person’s experience.

IT professionals are continuously searching for ways to inspire their teams. Google appears to be eager to spend a significant amount of its time working on recruiting efforts and studying the employee data that they’ve gathered. The outcome efforts are that Google believes that they’ve found out what makes people are drawn to work. This is an essential fact that we all must study and use to improve our teams’ IT.



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