Do You Know How To Say “No”?

Do You Know How To Say No

If I were to ask you, based on your IT manager’s training, what was the most powerful thing you could ever say as an aspect of the job? What would you say to me? “You’re fired?” “You’re hired?” Both are reasonable guesses. However, they’re both incorrect. The most essential thing anyone of us IT managers can say is “no.”

Why What You Are Currently Doing Is Wrong

I’m aware of numerous times I’ve believed that there weren’t enough working hours. It is now clear that I was not right. It’s not just the number of hours in a day that is important, but our actions during the time that we do have.

What the researchers have discovered is that when we’re in situations with constant interruptions, regardless of how great our IT manager abilities are, the work we do will suffer, and we’ll be affected in many ways. This includes changing our plans and our mental state. The interruptions cause our stress levels to rise. In reality, stress results from having to change your focus.

One of the most significant issues is that we don’t recognize that what we’re currently doing isn’t practical. We’re not as efficient as we could be. Yet, making a change is extremely difficult for us to make. We have a difficult time trying to reduce our pace to meet deadlines that are realistic. We’ve been so busy doing and not doing that it’s become addictive.

The Right Way To Be More Productive

If what we’re doing isn’t right, what’s the right way to go about it? The solution is to reduce the amount of work you do. You heard me correctly. If you’re looking to become more efficient, then you have to figure out how to work less.

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What do you think this would be like? It would be to turn off your email so that you aren’t informed every time you receive an email. You’d then refuse invitations to another planning session for strategy and make sure that you’re back home at night to eat dinner. Once you master this skill, you’ll be more efficient as an IT manager.

While it sounds easy to accomplish, it could be pretty challenging to accomplish. What it will need is a change of behavior for you. Many of us are driven to appear professional, which we are less likely to achieve. Everyone has a desire to keep busy, particularly when it comes to IT group building events, and we’ll need to fight against it if we desire to be more productive.

What Does All Of This Mean For You?

As IT managers, we’d want to do more. We think that if we could only have more time, we’d accomplish more. But, in study after study, it has been proven that it’s our productivity that determines the amount we can achieve.

It’s been discovered that the best method to be more productive is how to say “no” more. That means we must discover ways to remove the distractions in our lives that cause us to shift our attention, which increases the level of stress. The problem we’ll have to confront when trying to achieve this is that it’ll appear unnatural, and we’ll desire to be on our phones.

I think that this is a type of change we will get used to in the course of time. It might be difficult initially, as we try to reduce our workload to increase our productivity. If we can stick to it and not be enticed to be like everyone else and be a bit more professional, we may be able to become a highly efficient IT managers.

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