Yorkshire – Best Investment Destination in UK

Yorkshire - Best Investment Destination in UK

UK’s Yorkshire city offers investors access to top industry sectors, including digital, new media, environmental technology, and advanced engineering. Investors have access to R & D expertise and industry networks, good market opportunities, strong supply chains, and a skilled workforce. These factors will all contribute to business growth.


Yorkshire is home to 10% of all chemical-related activity in the UK. Yorkshire is a popular destination for chemical-related activities due to its low cost, availability of land and excellent supply chains. This region is home to more than 450 chemical firms. Yorkshire is home to world-famous companies like Syngenta, BP, and Novartis.

Yorkshire can offer many benefits to your business activities, including
* a critical port complex capable of handling vessels up to cape-sized.
* These universities are internationally renowned and produce around 16% of the country’s chemistry graduates.
* Major industry support network, consisting of 14 Centres of Industrial Collaborations (CICs) and two regional chemical initiatives.

Yorkshire is also the only UK region that offers full-size chemical equipment training.

Advanced Engineering & Materials

This sector will give your company access to some of the most renowned experts in high-value advanced engineering and materials research. Yorkshire’s expertise is essential to many aerospace and automotive industry-based companies around the world. There are more than 1,400 engineering firms and over 170,000 industry experts.

Yorkshire can help your business reach its full potential.
* UK has the highest concentration of precision forgers
* 12 per cent of UK engineering graduates
* The most cutting-edge science-based and technology-based incubator infrastructure
* Access to fast-expanding European and UK markets.
* An advanced manufacturing park that focuses exclusively on business-led materials research and technology.

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Digital & New Media

Yorkshire is home to cutting-edge innovations in e-learning and games development, new media, and convergent technology. It houses more than 13,000 electronics and media companies, including world-renowned companies like Tunstall Telecom and BBC, ITV and Nokia.

Yorkshire is a hot spot in digital and new media.
* Broadband enabled at 100%
* The best science- and technology-based incubator infrastructure
* These are the two largest e-learning platforms in the world

Environmental Technologies

This sector provides businesses with the latest developments and advances in clean technology. Yorkshire is a great place to do environment-related activities, thanks to its innovative approach in alternative energy, fuel cell, biofuels, waste treatment, wind power, and fuel cells. The region currently houses over 14,000 environmental technology professionals. Yorkshire’s main agricultural areas are more likely to produce large amounts of biomass than other areas. The part is also a strong advocate for wind power. Yorkshire is a great place to invest in finance, food, drink, and healthcare.



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