What Could You Do, Right Now, to Get Closer to Your Goal

What Could You Do, Right Now, to Get Closer to Your Goal

Do you experience this at times? Overwhelmed? If yes, then you’re not alone. We all have felt like that. I am sure that I do. While it may not be a catalyst to act, it may result in the opposite.
It can cause you to be paralyzed. It could prevent your mind from being able to concentrate at all. That’s before our feelings get in the way. Our emotions can motivate us to do great things; however, they can be a hindrance in the wrong way.

This is the issue.

Every time we’re working at our business, we’re hearing the voice of a small voice that accuses us of being fake. Have you ever heard it? Is it something like, “You are aware of the lavish lifestyle you’d planned to live?

It doesn’t seem like you’ll succeed!” And then you take a look at the work you’ve put into your different endeavors and are forced to think of the shame you’ve faced with family and friends since things didn’t go as you’d hoped. This makes it difficult to focus even on the tiniest task at hand.

Does this sound familiar to you? I’m speaking from my own experience. I’ve experienced what it’s like. In your first time creating a business, think of having the luxury of a Ferrari. After your third or 4th business, then you’re only able to afford the size of a BMW, and, at the time you’re on 10 or 11, you start to question whether you’ll be able to pay for car loans using a Skoda. It’s my belief that, to a certain extent, it’s the concentration on what we could buy from being successful in business that takes our attention away from what’s most important.

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Many people create businesses in order to make money. But those who continue to try time eventually become bored with the entire process.

Oh sure. When you watch flash cars speed past you, it might provide you with a little bit of an electric tingle, but I believe that there is an age in the lives of the majority of entrepreneurs that they shift their thoughts between “I’m going to get rich,” to “I hope that I can make this thing work.”

The problem that I’m seeing is no credible information that can guide us to move in the right direction. We’re still being bombarded with all the hype about huge accounts with bank deposits, PayPal, and ClickBank accounts that so many supposedly experts display online on the Internet. We’re still shown high-end cars and luxury holidays that we’ve supposed to strive for in order to see our companies succeed.

Absolutely ridiculous!

Are these items able to add some zest to our days?


But what we really need is a believable vision that will allow us to grow our companies that align with our fundamental values. When I was tired of the constant media hype, I decided to design some courses that would assist entrepreneurs like you imagine an ideal future you can trust in. It’s a vision that you believe will be worth the financial reward that you can be sure will arrive in the end. And I’m here to tell you that as I recorded it, I, too, was beginning to feel the joy that a vision like this can bring.

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I’d like to share this experience with you. I’m so excited that I’m eager to offer it to you.

I’m not trying to make it easy for you to buy it. But, I do realize that there are lots of potential businesspeople who aren’t quite ready for what I will explain. Therefore, I’ve decided I’ll offer this training only to individuals who take part in the two interview sessions that I conducted along with a few other entrepreneurs. Both have established multi-million dollar companies starting from the beginning to finish.

Both were in the midst of tens of thousands of dollars in the form of credit card debt.

Terry Dean

Terry Dean began his first business online without any technical knowledge in the least. He was a pizza delivery man full-time but was unable to pay the bills. So, in his free time, he learned to teach himself to be an online marketer. In this candid conversation, Terry talks about the mistakes entrepreneurs who are just starting out the make and offers tips to avoid these.

Bill Liao

It is likely that you have that your expenses are constantly rising to consume every penny you earn. And we are aware of how easy it is to turn into much more. Bill Liao discovered that. He was making a lot higher than Terry Dean, but despite the fact that his wife was employed too, he has been able to accumulate $30K of credit card debt, too. However, his life was changed when the director of a non-profit organization asked him to commit to donating $50k during the year ahead.

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In addition to meeting the pledge, it was also possible to pay off his outstanding debts and then add $50K to his original.

Terry and Bill Terry and Bill, I learned a lot from both of them during these interviews. I’m sure that you’ll be able to benefit too.


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