How to Import From China – Doing Business the Chinese Way

How to Import From China - Doing Business the Chinese Way

The process of starting an import-export business with businessmen from China will not be accessible without the basic knowledge of this business, but also a thorough understanding of the Chinese manner of conducting business. If you or a person are looking to import goods from China, it is vital to educate them in the proper business manners.

1. Be patient.

It can be frustrating to slow down when the business involves deadlines and fast transactions, especially when there are export-import business opportunities that must be taken advantage of as soon as is possible before a businessperson gets it first. It’s not too long since China began to enter the world market. A lot of Chinese businessmen and their governments do not have the knowledge and experience required to negotiate international business agreements. Negotiations may be fast or slow, depending on how they assess the potential risks involved in the deal and also on how well they are at establishing relations with foreign companies.

2. Create a rapport.

A secure and solid connection to business in Chinese business begins with relationships between people that undergo an assessment of trust and security before moving on into business. It’s not just the financial aspect of the business that’s the most critical factor in relationships, but it is trustworthiness, reliability, and understanding. Establishing a personal connection gives foreign businessmen a higher chance of obtaining lucrative import business deals in conjunction with China businessmen. The majority of Chinese businesses place a high value on safe and low-risk business relationships and only deal with those who have passed the test of their personal ability.

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3. Know the importance of cultivating “guanxi.”

Guanxi, In its literal sense, means relationships. It’s a network of relations between businesses and people involved in business transactions. The correct guanxi can determine which business relationships will be successful and flourish. The establishment of guanxi with the government is going to establish how efficient your business will be in business transactions with China. For Chinese businessmen, guanxi translates to respect, keeping promises, friendly treatment, and frequent contact, as well as confidence and treating them with respect and trust. Guanxi is a fragile thing, and it needs to be nurtured to ensure that a thriving trade relationship with an importer to endure.

4. Have local contacts

Foreign companies and their representatives who work with Chinese businessmen for the import of goods from China will only be considered by Chinese businessmen to be at the same level as long as they are fluent in Chinese respect, understand, and adhere to their distinctive method of conducting business, and have a solid Chinese connection. An expert in exporting imports or a local person who has worked successfully with Chinese businessmen are the only ones to know how to deal with the people who make the decisions and be able to deal with the problems that arise with import transactions in China. The most effective team is composed of local representatives and foreign guests whose visits will be viewed by Chinese partners as a sign of honor and demonstrating their honesty and dedication to the business relationship.

5. Be aware of agreements.

Chinese, as well as foreign-born businessmen, use different business practices and manners of conduct. The Western businessmen view contracts as the official seal of the deal, which binds both parties to the terms reached upon. For the Chinese, the presentation of an agreement at the beginning of negotiations is not a good idea and is never a sign of an agreement. Obligations and commitments are based on relationships, not the papers. Contracts are signed to conform to the requirements of the transaction or to please western partners. Remember to be patient, and over time, the deal will be signed and concluded.

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Local experts are aware of the tricks of the trade that might or might not be applicable to the import-export company or the businessmen they work with. People with a deep understanding of business culture are able to discern the nuances and determine if the agreement that has been reached and agreed upon is what is to be delivered and what is expected. Expert advice is economical and guarantees that you will be successful in the end.

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