Assam – Attractive Investment Destination in North East India

Assam - Attractive Investment Destination in North East India

Assam is often referred to as an entry point to the northern region of India. The capital city of Assam is Dispur which is located within the town of Guwahati.

The state is famous for its tea as well as silk, petroleum resources as well as a diverse diversity. Assam is also the home of the Indian with one horn Rhinoceros, Asian elephant, Tiger, and a range of bird species. The great river Brahmaputra runs through the state, providing the area with hydroelectricity. Its tributaries and the river make this land extremely fertile and supply water sources.

The state of Assam is the most prosperous among all northeastern states in India. The petroleum and tea industries are the major economic drivers for the state. Assam tea is recognized throughout the world as an excellent brand. Since the state has plentiful natural gas resources and hydropower, the generation of electricity is affordable and straightforward. The network of telecommunications in the state is proliferating. Guwahati is the center of the transportation and telecommunication network in the Northeast region.

Guwahati is also a supplier of raw materials to numerous states in the neighboring region. All trade and commercial transactions are conducted in Guwahati. Guwahati serves as the most important national market within the Northeastern part of the nation. In addition, it is home to the highest number of institutions of higher education in the northeastern region. Assam has an excellent transportation system that includes roadways, railways, waterways, and airways.

The strategic position of Assam allows it to be accessible to southeastern Asian countries. Assam serves as a hub for local investors looking to expand their operations to market opportunities in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Furthermore, the closeness of the state with neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh is a crucial factor when it comes to attracting investors from abroad.

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Due to the river Brahmaputra, The state is home to one of the most fertile soils in the nation. It is ideal for the production of cash crops as well as food crops. This state also is abundant in natural resources such as limestone, rubber, coal, and granite, along with natural gas and oil. It is famous for its crafts and art that are the basis for a range of small-scale industries like hand-looms sericulture, carpentry, and handloom.

Beyond these areas, there is an investment opportunity in Assam that can be found in other areas:

1. Bamboo and cane Bamboo:

This industry is recognized as an important sector that will help the development of the state. Bamboo and cane furniture from Assam is sought-after both in international and domestic markets.

2. Ball and brass metals:

Assam is known for its beautiful and robust brass work. The ball and brass metalwork is an old-fashioned business in Assam. The primary products include pitchers, plates as well as pots, and other objects to decorate the interior.

3. Handloom and sericulture

Its climate Assam is ideal for the growth of the handloom and sericulture industry. The state is home to the most significant amount of weavers and handlooms in the nation. Assam produces a range of silks but is most famous for its Muga silk.

The state government of Assam has started a range of initiatives to draw more investment into the state.



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