Moving Abroad – Politics, Religion and Sex

Moving Abroad - Politics, Religion and Sex

The possibility of experiencing a completely new culture is extremely thrilling. When you do some study and begin to realize how different things operate in other countries and how people live their lives. Before you decide to decide, it is important to consider the importance of taboo topics such as religion, politics, and sexuality and how they can be dealt with in a manner that will keep you safe in your new country.


Everyone has their own political views; however, in certain situations, it’s advisable and even required to shut your mouth. Take a moment to think about this. If I told you I’m from Italy, for instance, it would instantly alter your impression of me according to your perception of Italy and other prominent Italians. It would be quite different if I declared that I am from a region similar to Cuba or Iran. It is important to keep in mind that as you first enter the foreign country and begin to interact with people, you’ll be considered diplomats in the sense that your differing opinions will be blamed on the country you came from. In the meantime, until you’ve built trust and genuine friendships, it’s ideal to be neutral regardless of your real political beliefs.

This cautionary principle extends far beyond domestic political spheres. While Americans have the right to free speech, not all governments are as generous. In many countries, public criticism of government officials or the entire government isn’t accepted. It can be a criminal crime or the basis to open an investigation which could lead to questions about the motives behind your decision to live in another country, perhaps or even so where it may threaten your life in the country. If you are a newcomer to the midst of a foreign place, it’s more beneficial to smile and nod instead of engaging in an argument with someone you’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting.

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Religious differences have always been one of the main factors in conflicts. This alone should be sufficient to stop people from discussing their religion in a foreign context. You must be aware that even if you adhere to the same faith as the country you’re traveling to, there could be some differences in the ways they practice their religion as well as the details of their convictions.

The effort of learning about the most prominent religions of your country of choice can help you comprehend various aspects of the new society. A lot of societies have solid foundations that are rooted in their religions’ history. If you’re well-informed of their religion and beliefs, and practices, your respect for them will make your relationships with colleagues and friends more effective.


What’s more universally popular than sexuality? Nothing. Money is close, but sex always wins. Although everyone loves being loved by others, you have to be extra cautious when in a foreign setting. If you disappeared and nobody could find you, how many would be aware? How many people would be willing to drop everything to find out what went wrong? The answer is that You don’t want to know. To protect yourself, it is recommended to take a trip with a group of people and avoid traveling to a new place with someone you aren’t familiar with. Do not let a beautiful face or a large, dark, and handsome man cloud your judgment.

Another way to ensure your safety is to dress modestly. Be aware of the dress code that is not official for your country of choice and try to be a part of the culture. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or other extravagant accessories when you are in public. If you’re not fluent in the native language or are physically different from others, you’re more likely to be a victim of crime.

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That’s simple advice on the world of religion, politics, and sex that will let you make the most of your time in the country you want to visit and help you stay out of danger. In the end, you will be able to build your own circle of trustworthy people with whom you can express your views without fear of reprisal. But, when you are in public, it is recommended to remain neutral in your opinions. We hope this article can be of help. For more advice, read our other articles on the process of moving overseas.

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