Invest in Sussex – Land of Resources

Invest in Sussex - Land of Resources

Sussex is one of the counties situated in South East England. It is situated between Kent County on the east, Surrey County on the north, Hampshire on the west, and the English Channel on the south. County boundaries are divided between East Sussex, West Sussex, and the cities of Brighton and Hove to allow local government.

The principal industry sectors in Sussex County are agriculture iron and steel working, the industry of clay (pottery tiles and bricks), and the service industry. East Sussex hub facilitates investment in the East Sussex region and is the primary body working in conjunction with SEEDA (South East England Development Agency) to develop South East England. There are a variety of organizations working to develop the economy of the South East England region such as FinaceSouthEast, SEEDA. These organizations offer Business Mentoring programs as well as organized investment readiness in every stage in the process of investing in the South East England region.

The East Sussex Hub primarily intends to promote high-tech manufacturing as well as advanced engineering and creative industries. The body that screens south helps with distribution, marketing, and exhibition. The creative industries are primarily located in South East England as Sussex is a fantastic array of stunning and diverse locations that are ideal for film production. Its locations start with historic homes, modern towns, and natural coastlines that are unspoiled. Sussex has top-of-the-line infrastructure facilities as well as the knowledge needed by the creative industries. The highly advanced manufacturing industry in Sussex is receiving attention for its top-quality extremely skilled and internationally recognized businesses that have taken the lead in the world’s most advanced supply chains.

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It is believed that the UK is the largest exporter of high-tech products in all of the globe. The government has made an announcement of investment in the amount of 151.1 million pounds as part of a plan to spur the creation of new technologies as well as solve existing problems. The government expects private firms to put their money in life sciences and low carbon as well as high-volume manufacturing. South East England has the largest infrastructure in Europe which facilitates the transport of passengers as well as products. The well-constructed infrastructure makes transport simple, quick, and affordable throughout the UK. South East England is located on the route between the capital, London along with the remainder of Europe.

The most important sectors for investment in South East England are

1.) Aerospace and Defense

Foreign investors can invest in sub-sectors like aerostructures defense systems and unmanned air vehicles airports, homeland security, and airlines services. Every sector can be further subdivided into R D, which are third-tier components suppliers, and prime contractors.

2.) Automotive

The South East region is known for its manufacturing of Motorsports components and high-tech designing engineering, Telematics, and aftermarket. The region is home to more than 500 automotive businesses and BMW has recently invested a substantial amount in factories situated in West Sussex. These factories will manufacture the most current Rolls Royce model.

3.) Creative Industries:

The South East region has around 4000 businesses in the creative sector. The largest film studio in the UK is located in South East England. This region is home to the largest variety of businesses in the creative industry like design, advertising film, and video performing arts as well as interactive leisure software, radio, and television.

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Sussex has well-developed railway and road connections to the UK as well as other parts of Europe. Sussex also has well-developed ports, including ports like the Ports of Dover, Folkestone, Harwich, and New Haven that make it easier to transport passengers as well as products. England has four container ports to help companies to ship items to any region of the world.



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