Living, Working and Investing in Mauritius

Living, Working and Investing in Mauritius

A work permit can be given to foreigners for a period which is 3 years. If you’re an investor, self-employed, or contract worker, and so on, you will need to meet the requirements of the BOI (Board of Investment) will require an ongoing income in your account. If you are able to meet the requirements for selection established by the BOI and you meet the criteria, you can get a residence permit and be able to work in this gorgeous islet in the Indian Ocean.

The conditions for obtaining an employment permit

An expatriate who wants to apply for an investment license must have a clearly defined plan for an activity that generates a total turnover of more than three million rupees. This is 75.000 euros per year. The focus here will be on gross revenue and includes the total earnings without deduction of any costs like the wages due to employees as well as electricity bills.

For an expatriate visa, The requirements are easy. The candidate must submit evidence of a monthly income that is greater than thirty thousand rupees. This equates to 750 euros. In this situation, it falls under the supervision of the employer to take charge of the application for recruitment.

The person who is applying for a permit as a self-employed worker must show an annual record of income of not less than six hundred thousand rupees or 15,000 euros. In this scenario, the permit for work is valid for three years. In addition, the permit holder has to have an aggregate amount of 1.8 million dollars. The applicant can alter the amount required over three consecutive months in three different earnings amounts. For instance, the person may earn eight hundred thousand rupees during the initial year. and six one hundred thousand dollars in the next year, and four hundred thousand rupees in the last year.

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The procedure to obtain permits for work and residence

Anyone who is seeking a work permit and residency in Mauritius has to submit an application to the BOI which will then forward applications to the passport office as well as immigration. The BOI is a type intermediary between permits applicant as well as the Immigration department. The procedure is quite easy: the person who is applying for the permit must sign up at the BOI and obtain the certification of registration. Note that registration is performed at the same process as the application for the license.

Additionally, any foreigner seeking work permits must undergo a complete medical examination which includes a blood test to determine if they have syphilis, Hepatitis B, and HIV as well a urine test, as well as an MRI scan of the chest. The medical examination can be performed by a doctor accredited as a member of the Association of Physicians of Mauritius or in one of the public hospitals. For more information, the outcomes are quicker when the test is conducted in an independent clinic.

The person who is relocating must present the birth certificate and a morality document that is not more than three months. Additionally, he must pay an amount of fifty thousand dollars, approximately 1.250 euros, which is payable at Mauritius’ Government of Mauritius. These funds are used to pay the outstanding debts in the event that one leaves the country in a hurry or pay for removal if required. The money is returned to the applicant upon the end of his stay to remain in Mauritius.

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After the procedures are completed and if the passport bureau and immigration officials are not in opposition an expatriate can get his work authorization in only three days.




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