Investment Opportunities in New Port, UK

Investment Opportunities in New Port, UK

New Port is a city in Wales. The work and travel area in New Port incorporate most of south Monmouthshire. New Port has three major areas of employment, including the city center as well as business parks, which are located in the vicinity of one of the M4 intersections (28 in the West and 24 in the East). The largest source of employment in New Port is the Civil Service.

In 1997 New Port had bagged what was believed as Europe’s largest inward investment. The LG Group had announced a PS1.7 billion investment, which in its turn created 6,100 new jobs and helped support a number of large public sector companies. New Port is renowned for its pleasant Pacific coast climate and its soaring large corporate homes and an airport with more than a dozen major air companies. New Port is also renowned for its unique housing as well as its oceanfront restaurants and growing retail industry.

Excellent Transport Network

New Port has excellent road railway, sea, and air transportation that makes it a great strategically placed business area.


The main East-West route in the Southern region of the UK The M4 motorway connects the city with London as well as to the South East. A second motorway is being planned which is expected to improve the east-west connection even further.


New Port has a well-developed railway network that connects it to other important cities. By using the rail network, one can travel to London in less than 110 minutes.


New Port is in close proximity to Bristol Airport (which is only 55 minutes away by car) in addition to Cardiff International Airport (which is just 35 minutes drive away). These airports offer scheduled flights to numerous international and national destinations. London Heathrow Airport, one of the most important International Airports in the UK is located just two hours’ driving time away.

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The New York Port is ideally placed to connect the most important industrial and commercial centers in the UK.

Ample skilled workforce
New Port’s geographic location (it is located near the border to Wales) gives employers the ability to access a huge selection of employees.

Seventeen thousand people work in New Port and an estimated 479,000 people who are economically active live within a 30-minute drive. There are more than 1.6 million residents living within one hour of driving. The number of residents in New Port is estimated to increase by around 10,000 in the next 10 years. Additionally, the annual production of first-degree students from the universities close to New Port is more than 17,000. It is evident that the New Port workforce has an established track record in terms of loyalty, flexibility, and commitment.

Financial Assistance

For companies that are expanding their operations within the city or moving from New Port, there are numerous financial incentives. Below are some grants (usually of up to PS5000) which are available to companies in every industry:

* Information and Communication Technology Grant is available by any business with up 50 employees.
* Industrial and Commercial Improvement Area Grant: It is open to any business in the six defined zones that comprise New Port.
• Start-Up Rent Subsidy is available to Limited Companies and sole traders as well as partnerships.

Beyond all these elements, New Port offers an outstanding standard of living. This is why New Port can really prove to be an investment destination.

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