Belfast – Major Investment Destination in Northern Ireland

Belfast - Major Investment Destination in Northern Ireland

Belfast The largest city in Northern Ireland, is becoming among the top appealing areas to invest in. Recently there has been an enormous increase in investment in Belfast that has brought a whole new level of excitement in its surroundings. From being a historic city to becoming one of the top weekend destinations in Europe, Belfast has certainly come a long way. Through major changes, like the opening of Odyssey Leisure and excellent conference facilities overlooking the Waterfront and taking place in the close vicinity of the Lagan River in the last 10 years, Belfast has a lot in the pipeline for investors.

What’s appealing in Belfast?

Since Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland, Belfast is recognized as the financial and political capital of the nation. Belfast’s economy Belfast is the fifth most expanding region’s economy in the whole United Kingdom. It has a wealth of transport facilities. It has two airports an advanced ICT infrastructure as well as two universities and the biggest port in Ireland.
With the many changes that have occurred in the last few years, Belfast is now a vibrant and prosperous city that offers businesses the chance to flourish since more people are coming to Belfast to live, work or shop, or even to play.

Sectors to consider in Belfast

Belfast is a renowned city for providing new ideas into a myriad of areas. Today, a variety of business sectors are poised to flourish in Belfast. These include:

Financial Services

whether in the front or behind office Belfast offers plenty of opportunities for companies to expand increase competition, and offer the best customer service. The primary draw for this particular sector is its highly educated workforce, coupled with fantastic telecom infrastructure and readily available attractive property solutions.

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With a significant amount of research being conducted in the area of digital communications as well as Information Technology in Belfast which is why it is now the primary area for this industry. The costs of operating in Belfast are at least 32% compared to the national average and 35% lower than that of other places in the U.S., thus making Belfast an ideal location when it comes to those in the ICT sector.

Life Sciences and Biotechnology: With some of the most significant research and development of products being conducted in Belfast It has emerged as the best place to invest in the world. There are currently 50 companies that are involved in the life sciences field which has seen a huge expansion in the last few years.

Recreation and leisure:

The leisure sector is at the heart of the latest master plans for Belfast. According to a study, Belfast is the fifth top location in the U.K. for retail conditions. In the process of reviving Belfast’s city center, There are three major projects in the pipeline that will be completed in the next three years. In the near future, massive projects like 111,483 square meters of new retail space as well as 300 million pounds of investment in the Victoria Square Development, Belfast is the ideal city to be in for retail businesses. With numerous supported projects coming up with a robust infrastructure, and a trained population, Belfast is one of the cities in the United Kingdom which investors can’t afford to ignore.

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