How Does a Panama Foundation Work?

How Does a Panama Foundation Work

One of the best ways to protect assets is the Panama private foundation. The Panama private interest foundation can be an effective holding organization for assets. The following is a brief overview of how an entity operates and how you can create one. As with all legal concerns, you should consult with a competent authority in order to establish and run the Panama Foundation. Work with or through people who speak your language. It is important to be aware of each step you take and why you’re taking the action. After that, we’ll start by discussing the cost of it.

Cost of a Panama Private Interest Foundation

$300 per year to the government usually less than $400 per year to attorneys
Minimum Capital Investment: $10,000
Attorney costs to establish less than $2,000
These are common costs. A portion of the cost is paid to the government, and part is paid to the attorney. If the prices you’re quoted appear to be too high, don’t be afraid of comparing and shop. Be sure you feel confident in the company you work with right from the beginning as they are designed to be around for a long period of time.

What a Panama Private Interest Foundation Is Used For

Utilize a Panama foundation to serve as a holding organization to protect your assets and ensure privacy. The assets that are held overseas by the Panama foundation do not get subject to tax in Panama. The only tax relating to the Panama foundation is when the foundation was owned by an operation in Panama. In that scenario, the company is taxed, rather than the foundation. The foundation might get post-tax money from the company. You might consider joining a foundation through an offshore company, in Panama or in another country to increase asset protection.

A Panama foundation may have assets located everywhere all over the globe. This includes patents, bank accounts and real estate, businesses, and personal possessions like cars, planes, and so on. royalties as well as bonds and stocks, and collectibles like stamps and coins. This is an incomplete list.

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A good illustration of the asset protection of the Panama private foundation can be seen in the fact that it has an enforceable three-year time limit in the case of “fraudulent conveyance.” This means that after three years no one can successfully argue against your foundation in the Panamanian court to transfer property into the foundation. Therefore, the Panama foundation can provide asset protection for the long run, completely that is free of challenge from foreign jurisdictions following the initial period of three years.

The Foundation’s assets are only able to be set aside if the Foundation is found to be guilty of anything illegal in its own business operations. The standard guidance for foundations with a Panama foundation to utilize its foundation to function as a holding corporation. If a business owned by the foundation needs to handle legal issues, it should not be spilling onto other foundation businesses.

Attorneys in Panama often recommend the creation of a Panama private foundation as a way to protect you from an attack from a foreign country on your assets, as and any chance that Panama may ever amend its laws on foreign ownership.

A Panama Foundation can’t be involved in business activities in Panama however it is able to have a company that does such. This is strictly intended to stop the use of corporations to avoid taxation on earnings derived from an enterprise in Panama. If you have a Panama foundation or corporation, you are able to invest in Panama however, it is not tax-free.

A Panama private foundation could remain in existence and protect assets in Panama for a period of 120 years.
The Cast of Characters in a Panama Private Interest Foundation

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Panama Foundation Founder

The Panama foundation has its own founder. It doesn’t have to be the person you. The person who files the paperwork at the Register of Public Interest in Panama to confirm your foundation’s status. The law firm that establishes the foundation in your benefit hires an individual who doesn’t have any connection to you to make the filing. The person is unaware of the foundation’s assets or the actions of the foundation and has no oversight.

Panama Foundation Council

A Panama foundation has an elected council. Every member is registered in the registry of public records in Panama. Council members do not have to know the name of the person who is the beneficiary, nor the guardian of the foundation. Each council member is provided with a current resignation letter. The foundation may be established in a way the council members don’t have control over their assets and have do not have banking rights. The principal function of the committee is to nominate the foundation’s protector through the use of the Private Protectorate Certificate. The document is not recognized anywhere else.

Panama Foundation Protector

The Panama foundation council chooses the protector. The council is then changed. The identity of the protector can be hidden from public information.

The foundation’s control is taken over by the protector. When appointed anonymously by the council, the protector is able to remove and modify the council.

The protector makes an individual written set of guidelines that are not recorded in any registry that is public. The instructions outline everything the foundation is doing and what it will carry out its mission. The beneficiary’s status can change according to changes in the situation.

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Panama Foundation Beneficiary

A Panama foundation has beneficiaries. The foundation is not owned by anyone. It is an entity legally recognized to benefit its beneficiaries under their direction by its guardian. Beneficiaries can be any person or any other entity, which includes the protector. For example, you may be appointed your own protector, and you can also name yourself as a beneficiary under the condition that at the time of your death, your children become beneficiaries.

Panama Foundation Registered Agent

The law requires that every foundation have an agent registered. This must be an attorney firm or a single lawyer in Panama.


Utilize a Panama private-interest foundation when your objective is security and privacy. Utilize foundations in Panama as well as an offshore company in Belize as well as Panama in lieu of trusts or wills. You should think about what you wish to accomplish in regards to safeguarding the wealth you have earned. You can then consult with an expert to determine the ways in which the Panama Private Interest Foundation can assist you in achieving what you want to accomplish. Begin with someone you can trust, and preferably an individual who can speak the language you’re using.

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