How to Give Corporate Gifts Overseas Without Giving Offence


Corporate gifts can aid in maintaining and strengthening a business relationship; however, the decision of choosing the wrong gift or wrapping the present in the wrong manner can result in the opposite. Gifts in our own country aren’t that difficult. However, giving gifts to international customers can be a hazard where the wrong gift can be an error. Five critical considerations in deciding on a suitable present:

Do you think it is appropriate to present a gift at all?

In certain countries, your corporate gifts can be seen as bribes. This isn’t the intention. In other nations, business presents are practically required, and it’s unprofessional not to give the gift. It is essential to conduct some study on the customs and traditions of the country you are visiting. Additionally, many corporations or companies might have rules that prevent people from receiving gifts even if they are receiving one that exceeds the amount.

Get a present from your country.

It might seem evident, but if you’re traveling in New Zealand or representing the New Zealand government or a New Zealand company, make sure that you bring New Zealand gifts. Beware of false labels like “Designed in New Zealand” Check to ensure that your NZ gifts were actually produced by New Zealand or which the country you want to represent. (You might be surprised by the high-end quality of reproduction of “local” crafts and arts that are actually made in countries like China). A trustworthy gift shop will be able to provide guidance on the origins of its merchandise.

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One size is not the best for all.

There are many nations where the company hierarchy is a significant factor, and you’ll be expected to show this structure in the worth of corporate gifts you give. This could mean giving various gifts of different types, and having the occasional gift could be beneficial too. It is essential to ensure to make sure that the gift is made “from your company” to “their company” and not to any individual.

Cultural Considerations

This is a dangerous area when a thoughtful present can cause embarrassment or offense. For example, China groups of four (e.g., Coasters) clocks, green hats, caps, as well as sharp objects like letter openers are not appropriate. Alcohol is not a suitable option for India, but it’s a good choice suitable for Japan (so long as it’s covered with white). Be generous in Japan; however, be modest when you are in Thailand (but make sure that you don’t tear the wrapping paper on the gifts you receive when you are in Thailand). There’s a good chance to cause offense by the gift you choose to give, however the way you give a gift or accept gifts, the shade of the wrapping paper, when and how you open gifts, as well as the color of the writing on the card and many other elements, are crucial in certain countries. The critical thing to remember is to not make assumptions about the suitability of your present. Conduct some preliminary research on what kind of gift is appropriate for the country of your choice and the best way to package them. Also, what to present them, and when you should give them, etc.

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Practical Considerations

Be aware of any restrictions on customs (for instance, those who bring honey or food products as possible New Zealand corporate gifts may get their items taken away due to NZ border control.) Be aware of the effects of temperature fluctuations and anticipate rough handling of baggage. The ideal gifts are sturdy and light. It is easy to have the gifts wrapped at home, however, with labels on the outer packaging that allows you to quickly recognize the item. A reputable gift store will be able to help with all of these questions.

There is plenty to consider when making plans for an overseas trip. Corporate gifts might appear insignificant. In some countries, the opposite is the case with corporate gifts offering an opportunity to accidentally create a negative impression. Make sure you research the right gift ideas or contact a specialist gift business. For more details on a country-by-country basis, please visit the “Corporate Gifting” section of our website.



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