The Global Online Business to Business Marketplace Offers Its Platinum Members Huge Advantages

The Global Online Business to Business Marketplace Offers Its Platinum Members Huge Advantages

The Global Trade Marketplace is the place to be if you are trying to establish your B2B (Business-to-Business) presence on the web. If you’ve not discovered it yet, you should take a look. It is possible to sign up as a no-cost member. However, there’s a lot more to platinum members. It’s a nearly infinite list of features offered and is essential to running the most successful online business.

If you’re still undecided about the platinum membership, here are a few features that you’re not getting:

RMA Management

If you buy the platinum membership from the Global Trade Marketplace, you can set up the option of having your very own RMA Management System. You can also set up your own letterhead that includes your company’s information. There’s an RMA request that is available for customers who have an RMA. There is the option of making an RMA number by email or by hand when you receive the request. You can use your RMA Summary Panel to benefit as well. It allows you to keep track of your RMA status and manage the unlimited number of buyers’ RMA also. One of the best features is the capability to attach the invoice or airway bill packing list or BL along with every RMA to allow you to quickly refer to the information at a later time. RMA data is updated in real-time.

Pro forma Invoice Management

Another excellent feature for Platinum members is Pro Forma Invoice Management. You can create your own system, which uses your invoice with the letterhead of your company and your signature. You can not only send this Proform invoice to your members-only customers. However, you are able to issue it to buyers who aren’t members too. This feature of invoices comes by a panel so that it is possible to update the customers with information regarding their status on their purchases. There is no limit to the amount of invoicing and customers you are able to manage through your control panel.

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Purchase Order Management

Purchase order management functions are similar to those of RMA or invoice methods. You can use your own letterhead, can send a purchase order to suppliers, and are in complete control through the control panel. You can track deliveries and orders made by suppliers. You can also add copies of invoices packing lists, airway bills, and BL’s to each of the purchase orders records. This feature also provides real-time status updates.

VIP Download Center and Showroom

There is 50MB of space available for download. You can save crucial B2B items like price lists, catalogs, and more. There is an option to create a password, and you’re not restricted in the number of uploads or downloads you can make. This feature is handy for large documents to send, but you don’t want to do it by email. Your clients can utilize a password to sign in and download the files they require via the download centers.

The showroom is the place where you present your product to sure clients. You can access the member section and create the password to access this showroom. Then, you can share the password with anyone who you would like to have access to your showroom. The reason for this is to allow Platinum members to showcase new designs and products to potential or regular customers.

Part/BOM Management

To be eligible for the Platinum member, it is crucial that the part and the bill of materials information are stored and searchable. The management tool is offered for use with the control panel and database to control parts from their own inventory or the suppliers. There is a forecasting tool, and the system calculates the required parts.

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Buyer Database and various other features.

What is a business solution adequate without the ability to keep track of the buyers? As a platinum member, you have control over the database of buyers so that you can more quickly find and access products. Other benefits that are available to platinum membership include a max sell post of 750, a catalog with a limit of 750 products, a PayPal “Add o Cart” button as well as a “Buy Now” button, the limit for product videos of 750, a company online profile with video, instant chat system using Skype and MSN as well as your own company profile page as well as other critical business-related features. Keep an eye out for additional features that be made accessible for Platinum members.



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