Are You Losing Money Because You Don’t Know How CE Marking Certification Works?

Are You Losing Money Because You Don't Know How CE Marking Certification Works

If you don’t know the fundamentals of CE marking, you’re more likely to believe what your customers or suppliers inform you. But is it true? In addition, you may not need to be sure that the method of certification suggested by test laboratories of third parties or certification organizations is beneficial to you. Are you confident that there’s a quicker or cheaper solution? Do you feel like you’re the one driving your business’s CE marking process? Or do you feel like you are being pushed around by the CE marking project?

Do you know the most infamous CE certificate myth? It was the one that led to several companies wasting lots of money.

Let me debunk the biggest myth about CE marking:

Myth “To get CE marking, products must be tested and certified by a third-party certification body.”

Huh? What exactly is a “myth”? Does it mean that for CE certification, there is no third-party certification authority has to be in the process?

That’s right. In a majority of cases, CE marking regulations allow for products to be certified by themselves to be eligible for CE marking. This means that you can carry out this CE marking yourself, and you do not need to get the product approved by a third-party certification body. What’s not to love? It’s evident that CE self-certification of markings will save you lots of time and cost.

You’ve never read that in the web pages of testing labs or certification bodies, haven’t you?

I didn’t believe it.

However, I think you could still have numerous questions concerning CE marking. Questions like:

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“How do I do CE self-certification? Which requirements apply? Who is responsible for the CE marking? Where can I find the requirements? How do I conduct the conformity assessment? Where do I register for CE marking? What kind of paperwork do I need to complete, and how do I do that? Where do I start, and where do I go next?” These questions may cause you to feel uneasy regarding completing CE self-certification. It is possible to think about whether you’re qualified to perform CE self-certification.

Doesn’t certification need special training or years of working experience?

You don’t require a specific education for CE certification. Don’t forget that you and your coworkers are experts regarding the products of your business—more than any third-party certification body. With the proper tools and techniques, the CE marking assessment isn’t complex. Let me explain how this operates.

Let’s first examine what a certification body does. A certification body checks the conformity of a product through a conformity assessment. It also makes sure that technical documents will ensure compliance. When the certification body is confident that the product’s compliance has been met, it will issue a certification to prove the compliance.

To be able to give this assurance that the body’s assessors do not only have to be familiar with the specifications for the product and specifications, but also to be able to comprehend how these requirements are applicable to many different products. The biggest issue for a certification organization is acquiring and maintaining its proficiency for numerous products.

Self-certification is the best way to avoid the issue.

All you have to do is focus on your product. In addition, while a certification agency requires a considerable amount of time studying your product but you already have that know-how. Therefore, you are able to concentrate on understanding the rules applicable to your product and how you will carry out the conformity assessment to ensure that the product is in compliance. Also, it is essential to focus on understanding what you require to do in order to obtain CE certification with self-certification.

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What are the requirements to do to receive a CE mark with self-certification?

I’ve identified the five essential ingredients that are vital to the success of CE self-certification. However, they aren’t found in all CE certification courses or marking books and websites I’ve viewed.

Simply put, the reason that a lot of people fail to get CE certification is that they lack any or more of these essential elements:

Key Ingredient # 1: Understanding the CE mark is actually about.

It’s where 90% of people who fail to pass CE marking are not in the right boat. They shell out hundreds of dollars and endless hours navigating roads that are dead ends and streets because they’re not getting this crucial information. To my knowledge, there’s no other source for all the information I’ll share with you.

Key INGREDIENT #2: Understanding how to choose the best guidelines and standards.

It is the most critical aspect of CE certification. If you do not follow the correct procedure, your products could be removed from being sold on the European market. Your efforts will be wasted. This is why I will personally assist you in determining the relevant directives and standards.

The most crucial ingredient is #3—a path with comprehensive steps that will get you started and take you to the final destination.

Key Ingredient #4: Setting up the appropriate tools

More than half of the questions I receive from businesses have to do with tools that they can employ and how to make use of the tools. I’ll put the best tools into your hands to help you get started and assist you in completing the task.

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Key Ingredient #5 Access to help

With clear instructions and the right tools, you’ll be able to reach your goals. There will come a time where you’ll need to get in touch with the experts who will guide you and help you. My solution is included.

Are you curious about what I can do to help you complete the CE marking certification yourself? Do you want to cut down thousands in the cost of certification?

Keep in mind that you could spend hours on the Internet but only to discover information that is thin or insufficient and scattered. You are able to decide to believe that the expensive services offered by third-party test laboratories and certification agencies are the best for your business’s interests.



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