The Top 5 Ways to Fight Jet Lag

The Top 5 Ways to Fight Jet Lag

If business travel abroad is an everyday element of your day, and you are aware that the most pressing problem you’ll need to address is jet fatigue. The largest economies and markets are situated on opposite ends of the Atlantic. If your company is planning to establish plans or relationships that go beyond your backyard, then you have to meet with the people who are there. That means you need to determine what you can do to prevent your brain from becoming mush in the midst of your day. I’ve tried every option you could imagine, and after countless visits, I’ve found a solution that is effective:

1. Make sure you’re well-hydrated during the flight.

The interior of a plane cabin is among the driest areas you’ll be in, and it’s crucial to drink enough water whenever you have the chance. If you don’t, you’ll suffer from muscular aches and headaches that can make the jet lag so much worse once you’ve arrived.

2. Be awake for the first day.

If you arrive at any time in the morning (and it’s often the case that I’m somewhere between 8 am between 3 pm and 8 am), Don’t lay down and sleep in the afternoon when you arrive at the hotel. This will completely alter the pattern of your sleep and wake cycles that you’ll find regretful later in the night and on the next day. Instead, try to stay awake by showering or going for a walk or taking a trip around, or doing other activities. Make use of the buddy system whenever you can for help during the weak times. Keep yourself awake until nine midnight. It’s going to be difficult, but it’s well worth it. You’ll have a better chance of sleeping through the night and then waking slightly refreshed the following day.

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3. Drink a glass of wine with dinner or just after eating.

The frantic pace of travel, the new surroundings, and the cultural anxiety will keep your mind spinning. It’s likely that you’ll be in a state of mind for hours when you finally have some time for yourself, and you should allow yourself to relax a bit by drinking an alcoholic drink or a cocktail. It’s very dehydrating, yes however the benefits outweigh the risk. Make sure you don’t overdo it. Also, make sure you add water to the top before you go to go to bed.

4. You can take Ambien prior to when you go to go to bed.

It’s sure to help you fall into a slumber and stay there for 5 to 6 hours. If you do not take something similar, your body’s rhythm will go against you, and you’ll be awake until 2 am and not able to fall back asleep. This is a prescription drug which means you’ll need to consult with a doctor before taking it (which is excellent since I’m not a physician, and it’s best to have medical professionals to inform you that this is safe and suitable for your needs). Don’t cheat and smear somebody else.

5. Take a cup of coffee whenever you require it throughout the daytime.

You’re aware of your individual tolerance to caffeine, So don’t get too crazy about this. However, at the same do not feel that you have to keep yourself in check also. If your head is becoming blurry, go for tea, coffee, or even cola to get the boost you need. Even if it’s after 3 pm and you’re generally not drinking coffee at this time, but you should go for it. When the desire to fall asleep is a constant occurrence in the hot conference room crowded with guests of high rank, The most sinful thing to do is to snooze and make everyone look embarrassed.

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You may hear advice on eating certain types of food as well as taking melatonin or having light illuminate you at a specific time. We’ve been there, we’ve been there, and it doesn’t work. It’s not that I’m saying it will not work for you. However, these are the things I can’t recommend. Follow the steps I’ve laid out in the previous paragraphs. It won’t be at the highest level. However, you’ll be efficient and productive, which is what you can ask for during your business travels abroad.



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