Doing Business in Belarus

Doing Business in Belarus


Belarus is a previous Soviet Union republic that turned into an independent country in 1991. It is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, lining Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. The populace of Belarus is 10 million individuals, with 2 million living in the capital Minsk. In the past, Belarus has encountered hundreds of years of attack and victory. Somewhere in the range of 1941 and 1944, the nation was involved by the Nazis and lost 2.2 million individuals, including the majority of its enormous Jewish populace. Because of the way that each fourth individual kicked the bucket during the conflict, Belarusians have a solid feeling of loss of friends and family even today.

These days Belarus is a significant travel course for Russian gas supplies to parts of Western Europe. Belarus is additionally a significant exporter of hardware, compound and oil-based goods. Today Belarus is still, to a great extent, unexploited by the world’s finance manager, yet its good topographical area among Europe and Russia and a lot of academic potentials give a superb climate to a fruitful business. Setting up and carrying on with work in this nation will be testing; however, don’t fear the difficult work, as your endeavours will pay off eventually.


Belarusian language (which is otherwise called White Russian) has been the authority language beginning around 1990, preceding which it was Russian. Most of the populace talks both Russian and Belarusian, and what’re more many individuals additionally communicate in Ukrainian and Polish. Various finance managers are conversant in English, but since the overall set of laws of the nation is very confounded, it is firmly prescribed to depend on a mediator while carrying on with work in Belarus.

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Meeting People

The Belarusians are frequently alluded to as ‘the most understanding Slavs’. Being brought into the world during or later the conflict, Belarusians have a solid feeling of resilience. Rather than engaging in contention, they would like to figure out any sort of issue through quiet dealings. In the open, Belarusians are very controlled. Nonetheless, assuming you are welcomed energetically and with an embrace or potentially a kiss, then, at that point, you realize that a decent relationship was set up.

One of the ordinary ends of the week exercises for Belarusians is working at their ‘dachas’ (ranch-style homes), developing vegetables and organic products in the event that you are going around via vehicle, attempting to abstain from driving on Friday evenings, particularly during the summers, as streets are stuck with heaps of individuals en route to ‘dachas’ outside the urban communities. Belarusians are exceptionally pleased with their tiny plots of land, so don’t be astounded when an extremely fruitful neighbourhood finance manager is invigorated as a young kid showing you his tomato plants!

Belarussian Business


Conferences in Belarus are very formal. It is fundamental to make a meeting with your accomplice before your visit to Belarus. As the organization is still highly awkward in Belarus, to speed things up, you can attempt to track down an outsider (ideally somebody neighbourhood with a decent standing and a reputable organization of partners) who can go about as your underwriter.


Persistence during business arrangements will pay off. It is inordinately difficult to determine most matters without having the proper associations or potentially even pay-offs. Be available to concessions, as this is the real point in Belarussian business exchanges. Be ready to surrender, basically on some minor things, only to guarantee that your colleagues feel that they have accomplished something.

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Other significant contemplations
The degree of expenses is very high, and legal guidelines are very confounded; along these lines, attempt to employ a nearby legal counsellor or autonomous lawful specialist. Pecking order is vital for Belarussians. They regard to age, rank and positions. Remember that business choices will be made on numerous levels, and acquiring a settlement on one level doesn’t guarantee the positive choices on the remainder of the levels. Usually, the most senior individual will settle on an official conclusion. Amazingly, it is harder to get a concurrence with individuals of the lower positions in the organization.


Belarusian food essentially comprises meat (regularly pork or hamburger) ready in different ways with potatoes. You can genuinely see the value in the culinary abilities of Belarusians, assuming you are welcomed for supper at home. Belarusians are extraordinary hosts, and you won’t lament an evening spent in their organization.


The environment of Belarus is respectably mainland with a gentle and sticky winter and a somewhat blistering summer and blustery pre-winter. So when coming to Belarus, remember to bring your waterproof garments! Belarus is dominatingly low and level. Around 36% of the nation is involved by the woods. There are in excess of 20 thousand streams and rivers and around 11 thousand lakes in Belarus. The most significant lake is Naroch (around 80 square kilometres). Around 30 sorts of unrefined mineral components have been prospected in Belarus, among which are potassium salts; the Belarusian stores are one of the primary sources in Europe. The stores of rock salt are, for all intents and purposes, unlimited.

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Convictions and Superstitions

Whistling inside a structure is viewed as misfortune.
Try not to put your feet on seats and tables, as it is thought to be impolite.
Try not to carry on with work in the principal seven day stretch of May as it has a few public occasions.
Belarusians, tongue in cheek, allude to the leader of their country Alexander Lukashenko as ‘bat ka’- Belarusian for ‘father’.

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