Global Online Marketing Profile 2010 Forecast – The Netherlands

Global Online Marketing Profile 2010 Forecast - The Netherlands

Market Opportunity

The base of the Netherlands’ economy lies in its free industrialist market. The Netherlands’ financial opportunity score is 77, making its economy the twelfth freest in the 2009 Index of Economic Freedom. It has the sixteenth most significant economy on the planet and positions tenth in GDP (ostensible) per capita.

As indicated by the CIA Factbook, the GDP is right now 670.2 billion USD, and the Purchasing Power Parity is 2.8 billion USD while the Dutch are encountering 1.8% genuine development, 4.5% joblessness, and 1.6% expansion rates. Centraal Bureau Voor de Statistiek reports the normal discretionary cash flow of Dutch families added up to 28.5 thousand euro in 2004. The natural discretionary cash flow of Dutch families rose by almost 4% in 2007. Families spending surpassed family pay by 2 billion euro. In 2006, Dutch families burned through 6 billion more than they got in pay.

With a populace of 16.7 million, the nation has been one of the leading European countries for drawing in unfamiliar direct ventures and is one of the four biggest financial backers in the United States. The expanding ties of the Netherlands with the worldwide exchange are reflected in the expanding portions of products and imports in GDP. Information from the Centraal Bureau Voor de Statistiek shows that products rose from 77% of GDP in 2008, notwithstanding imports ascending to 68%. In spite of its diminutive size, the Netherlands positions seventh on the planet in the all-out worth of its enterprises. Besides, its internet-based retail market is among Western Europe’s most prominent, with the Netherlands likewise positioned as one of Europe’s best five online business countries,

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The Netherlands started flowing the euro money on January 1, 2002. The Euro stays solid against the US Dollar, with 1 Euro approaching 1.4114 USD. On account of the debilitating of the US dollar throughout the previous two years, the Euro has liked the opposite US dollar ( So steeply has the greenback fallen in esteem against the Euro that financial specialists are discussing the dollar losing its status as the world’s hold cash, a position it has held starting around 1945.

Best Industry Segments

The Dutch business is differentiated, with an assortment of organizations that reach from assembling, mining, and energy creation to development and compound assembling. The public authority started many projects to empower the improvement of new ventures, explicitly, aeronautic trade, biotechnology, and microelectronics. Figures from Eurostat show that, in 2007, the Netherlands was the EU’s third top trading nation, later Germany and France. Dutch products additionally filled considerably in 2007. Assuming the latest thing proceeds, the Netherlands will climb to require a second situation in 2008. Comparative with different nations, the Netherlands traded enormous volumes of food items, gas oil and petroleum gas.

Administrative and Tariff Landscape

Alongside the United States, the Netherlands has reliably been one of the fundamental promoters of streamlined global commerce and the decrease of obligations and taxes on labour and products. The average levy rate is low. The Netherlands’ exchange strategy is equivalent to that of different individuals from the European Union. The average EU weighted regular levy rate was 2.1% in 2005, as indicated by the Heritage Foundation. The EU strategy maintains non-tax obstructions in farming and assembling endowments, import limitations for specific labour and products, market access limitations in particular administrations areas, non-straightforward and prohibitive guidelines and principles, and conflicting traditions organization across EU individuals. Advantageous biotechnology and drugs rules surpass EU strategy.

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Altogether, for some items in the European Economic Area (EEA) market to pass the purchaser security, wellbeing, and natural necessities, it should get a CE stamping. By attaching the CE denoting, the maker declares that the thing meets all the fundamental “Wellbeing and Safety” necessities of the significant European Directive(s) that accommodate the CE stamping. Instances of European Directives requiring CE checking incorporate toy wellbeing, apparatus, low-voltage hardware, clinical gadgets and electromagnetic similarity.

Web-based Marketing

In view of measurements from, there are presently 13,791,800 Internet clients in the Netherlands, with an entrance pace of 82.9%. The Netherlands is positioned seventh among the top web nations in the European Union yet second behind Greenland with the most noteworthy web infiltration rate. Over the range of eight years (2000-2008), client development remains at 253.6%. As far as kind of association, the Netherlands displays a positive pattern towards broadband web reception. It tends to be found fourth on the rundown in the broadband entrance, driving the OECD alongside Iceland, Finland, and Norway. Regardless of the wide accessibility of Internet associations, almost 4 million individuals (around 25% of the populace) have never utilized the Internet, as indicated by information from the Organization for Economic Co-activity and Development.

Online Language Preferences

The two authority dialects of the Netherlands are Dutch and Frisian. In any case, Dutch is the native language of practically all individuals in the Netherlands. The 500,000 occupants of Friesland, a territory of the Netherlands, speak Frisian. The more significant part of Dutch individuals talks something like one unknown dialect, for the most part, English that is instructed at school during the fundamental training. Numerous Dutch individuals talk likewise German, which is like the Dutch language, and some of them communicate in French. Like some other countries, web clients like to look in their local language, Dutch.

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Web index Profile

Information from shows Google Netherlands ( predominantly drives the way as the top web index with 95%. and require the second and third spots individually.


The Netherlands is a tiny nation, is a significant part of the planet’s exchange and the worldwide exchange of capital. Its flourishing and open economy fills in as an enticing potential worldwide exchanging accomplices to different nations. The economy is noted for stable modern relations, moderate joblessness and expansion, a sizable record excess, and a significant job as a European transportation centre point. In light of the current and future capability of the market, Global eMarketer positions the Netherlands as a Tier I market for worldwide web-based market opportunities.

Ana Lam is a Global Markets Research Analyst at Global eMarketer (GeM). Diamond is a worldwide business advancement and showcasing counselling firm that assists businesses with growing universally from the arrangement to execution through worldwide internet-based mission the executives.

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