Hybrid Companies

Hybrid Companies

The idea

A well-established idea that is technically a corporation limited by guarantee but with equity capital. It’s highly flexible and flexible in its tax planning.

A commercial enterprise that is simple is one that has investors who make contributions capital that then helps fund the business’s operations. However, in a guaranteed firm, the members that make up the company isn’t bound to contribute funds. Instead, they promise that they will donate funds to the obligations of the business and are referred to as ‘guarantee members.’

The majority of anti-avoidance legislation is focused on things like:

the ownership rights of share shares
o The right that has been established to some type of economic gain through these shares, be it dividends or the transfer of assets on winding up
o The ability to manage an entity by way of voting that is typically associated with the ownership of shares

Depending on the way in which the structure is constructed, some or even all these elements could be avoided.

The members of the Guarantee group can or cannot be granted control i.e., voting power
o They might or may not be entitled to economic rights
They can make capital contributions in the form of membership fees. This is the most effective method of bringing guarantee members’ money into the structure
A possibility is to utilize this company to act as an investment vehicle guarantee member. Therefore, their money must be made available to the business efficiently. This is possible by paying membership fees, which are set to a specific amount that is in line with the amount invested.

The division of the commercial profit out of the pleasures enjoyed by assets owned by the company creates an ideal structure for, for example, operating a timeshare resort in the common law.

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Control and enjoyment of assets result in a structure that reduces the burden of wealth tax in specific civil code areas.

The division of ownership and rights to assets creates something that is very similar to the concept of trust.

Basic structure

In the typical commercial firm, there are usually two groups of individuals in the company – directors and shareholders and directors. In the case of a hybrid company, it is possible to have a third group which is those who are guaranteed participants. Directors may be granted a certain amount of discretion through the Articles of Association of the hybrid business regarding what they do with the rights which are, in a private firm that is governed by shares, will automatically fall into the hands of shareholders.

If directors have control over voting rights and economic rights, as well as the enjoyment and ownership of assets, as well as the entitlement to them, the solutions can be found to a range of tax planning issues.

The hybrid trust is a corporate trust.

A trust for corporate purposes can be established by having written articles that grant the guarantee members to enjoy as many rights or as little as is permitted by the local laws of the client’s area of jurisdiction. For instance that the guarantee members might not have voting rights whatsoever – only the right to receive dividends or the distributions of assets upon closing. They may be entitled to earn profits from the company’s assets, or they might not have any rights or benefits apart from those granted by the directors. In this way, you can establish an equivalent for a corporate trustee to a fully discretionary trust with the advantage that the structure of the corporation makes the trust simpler to comprehend by the client, tax authorities, and law courts too.

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Hybrids as commercial vehicles

The separation of ownership and enjoyment of the financial benefits from the actual fun of assets results in a highly profitable system that is typically used in timeshare development.

The developer is the sole owner and control over the development and earns profits from its operations. The owners of timeshares have the right to live in and enjoy the property for a certain period of time every year.

Hybrid as an investment vehicle

A guarantee members’ rights are restricted only to the rights of the winding-up. In doing so and adding money from the guaranteed member, he has no right to claim any ownership of the funds over the duration of the company. This is due to the fact that he does not control the entity and does not have a right that can be enforced to get the assets.

The shareholders enjoy legal as well as beneficial rights to the asset, as well as rights to income that is generated by dividends. However, the fact is that there is no dividend to be declared. Directors are in charge of deciding where assets are placed when they wind up.

Tax planning for inheritance

Guarantee members benefit from mutuality. This means that each guarantee member enjoys the same rights to the benefits and benefits that come with membership all other guarantee members. There is no distinction in the ownership of guarantee members. Mutuality also grants the right to survivorship. If one of the guarantee members dies, the other members retain all advantages and privileges that come with guarantee membership. The member who has died leaves nothing to his estate, so there are no inheritance tax implications.

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Hybrids could help solve tax and inheritance problems that result from forced heirship problems and can help couples who are not married and have the same gender as well as unlegitimate children.


In some of the scenarios discussed, there is a good amount of discretion granted to executives of the hybrid business. The issues can be addressed by using one of these techniques:

O Protector – similar to the type is used in a trust. There is a risk that the protector is granted excessive power under the constitution of the business as they might be deemed to be a director, which is why it is necessary to guard against
Golden shares that provide an enhanced right to vote to the owner of a preference share that is redeemable will often offer more secure protection than the appointment of a protector.
There are ‘Put’ as well as ‘Call options on shares. Sometimes, they are helpful but complex and sophisticated.


Hybrid companies are highly flexible, and their rights and entitlements are altered to fit a variety of situations. They may have similar effects as trusts, however, with a more logical corporate structure. They are also able to be utilized to the same impact on inheritance, commercial, and investment cases.

Each structure is tailored to the specific circumstances. Articles of Association, as well as any contracts or agreements, need to be specifically designed. It’s not practical to purchase a hybrid company from the store.



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