Mexico’s Smaller Ports

Mexico's Smaller Ports

Expert knowledge of the port is necessary whenever you are shipping to Mexico by water-bound vessel. After NAFTA was signed in 1994, there were many ports that differed in terms of size, type, and location. In most cases, the size of a vessel is directly proportional in proportion to its port. It is best to find a minor port close to your destination whenever you’re shipping or traveling on smaller boats. Below are the smaller ports in Mexico that are able to dock international vessels or, in other words, the initial ports of entry.

1. Port of Acapulco

is situated in Acapulco and can accommodate vessels of up to 500 feet. It also offers a great shelter. It is mandatory to pilot in channels that are 76 feet deep and an area 40 feet deep, and there are no tugboats on the dock. Port cranes and lifts can lift 24 tons.

2. Port of Alvarado

It is an open-air port that has a low depth, and there are no lifts or cranes. However, there are pilotage and tugboats. The port is located in Acapulco and has an excellent shelter. It can be very effective for holding ground or for an entry point for turning.

3. Port Cozumel

With a depth of that range between 12.5 to 13.7 meters, it is a wharf, jetty, or pier type port located in Cozumel. This port is capable of handling vessels up to 500 feet. Pilots are on hand, but there are no lifts nor tugs on the dock.

4. Port of Isla San Marcos

This tiny port located in San Marcos is a pier type that has highly shallow waters and is not an ideal location for turning points or for holding ground. There’s a constant supply of diesel, but you won’t come across any tugboats, lifts, or pilots. This port is a fantastic spot for personal watercraft and yachts.

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5. Port of La Paz

Located in La Paz, This harbor type accommodates boats up to 500 feet long. It is ideal for turning points using a medium-sized water type. There aren’t any cranes, lifts, repairs, or tugs available located in La Paz, though you can have medical services.

6. Port of Morro Redondo

This is precisely like the port that is in Cozumel. This port is equipped with an anchorage of 76 feet and medical facilities. There’s no telephone or radio, and the shelter is extremely shabby.

7. Port of Nanchital Port of Nanchital

It is a port on the river located in Nanchital that has only a limited repair facility but does not have medical facilities. The port is able to accommodate vessels of up 500 meters in length and also has cranes, equipment, supplies as well as lifts, tugs, and pilots. Every type of quarantine is available.

8. Port of Pajaritos

A port on the sea that can be used as a turning point but is not ideal for holding ground. Anchorage and water depths are 46-50 feet or 76 to 76 feet, respectively. To repair, there are repair facilities including pilots, tugs, and tugs. There are, however, no cranes or lifts to be found. There are also medical facilities as well as diesel oil and medical equipment.

9. Puerto Chiapas

This port is able to handle boats of 500 feet; however, the sheltering quality is low. Pilotage is offered along with tugboats, medical equipment, and repair facilities for ships. The water depth ranges from 16 to 20 feet, and anchorage ranges from 36 to 40 feet.

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10. Puerto de Salina Cruz

A tiny seaport located in Salina, Mexico, which caters only minor repairs to vessels and medium-sized railroads and massive dry docks. Medical and food items are readily available. Cranes and lifts can carry 24 tons of weight, and all forms of communication are offered. The maximum vessel size is 500 feet, with tugs and pilots.

11. Port of Santa Rosalia

A small port that is a coastal breakwater harbor type that is located inside Santa Rosalia, Mexico. It provides proper shelter, limited repair of ships, medium-sized marine railroad size, and medical equipment. The water depth ranges from 26 to 30 feet, with the availability of pilots and tugboats. Telegraph, radio, and air communications are also accessible.



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