Global Online Marketing Profile – India

Global Online Marketing Profile - India

Market Opportunity

In a shrinking and shrinking world, business owners today have to explore other countries to expand their business in a highly competitive marketplace. Thanks to the rise of innovative online marketing technologies and an ever-increasing downward spiralling US dollar growing internationally is much more straightforward than it was in the past. One market with the potential to grow rapidly and a market in which there is huge potential for companies who are based within the United States, in India.

At 1.14 billion (and increasing), India is second only to China as the world’s biggest nation and in this 1.14 billion, the 325 million Indians earn disposable money, according to the US Department of State. Based on Diana Farrell, the director of the McKinsey Global Institute, an estimated 50 million members of the middle class make from $23,000 and $118,000 when adjusted to the regional cost of living variances approximately the whole population in the UK.

The Best Industries Segments

Other than the consumer goods information from the Indian Government’s Department of Commerce shows that at the end the month of May in 2008 the top imports came from the areas which include mineral-based fuels valuable and semi-precious jewels as well as nuclear reactors and machines electrical machinery and equipment as well as iron/steel and medical equipment and optical devices. As the rupee has gained momentum against the dollar over the last two years, imports have become more affordable for both Indian customers and companies, and the trend seems to be towards a stronger rupee against the dollar.

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and Tariff Landscape and Tariff Landscape

Tarifs on imports from India typically range from 0 to 10 per cent, based on the type of item. Other than tariffs and taxes and taxes, the government also imposes certain non-tariff actions (NTMs) but generally speaking, by and vast; the trend is toward more open markets. It is reported that the Economist’s Intelligence Unit reports that in the budget for 2007/08, the government cut its maximum tax from 12.5 per cent to 10 per cent (even in 1991, certain items were subject to duties of more than 300% of the value).

Online Marketing Opportunities

India has an online number of around 60 million that is, despite being the third-largest market in Asia is just 5.3 per cent penetration into the market and an increase of 1,100% over the last seven years. 70% of the 60 million people are active internet users, and in the event that these trends are maintained, then the total number of users who are active in 2010 could reach at least the 94 million mark, as an analysis of information of the Internet and Mobile Association of India illustrates. This presents a huge and expanding possibility for exporters to run E-commerce or marketing campaigns targeted at India.

Online Language Preferences

According to the reports of eStatsIndia, English as a primary second language shows a declining trend. JuxtConsult with the India Online report 2007 stated that 42% of Indian internet users claimed that they would rather read in their native language. For the majority of Indians, the language of their home is Hindi More than half of Indians are able to speak or comprehend the Hindi language, or its dialects and dialects, in their native language. To ensure that a website’s page can be seen by the largest amount of people, it is suggested that it include at minimum one page that has been submitted to an online search engine native to the language of the site. The page that is indexed can be discovered by people seeking information using their native language, and they’ll likely visit the site in English.

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Search Engine Profile

Google India (Google. in) continues to hold the top position in searches and is actually used more frequently than In addition to the search industry’s leaders, Yahoo! and Google, A business that wants to market effectively online in India, should improve its site’s performance for well-known Indian search engines, such as or, which will increase the number of visitors who come across its site.

SummaryIf this may sound like much work, the rewards are equally amazing as we’ve mentioned before that it is the Indian middle-class, which is already as large as Italy, France, the UK or Korea and expanding rapidly and hungry for products made in the United States and solutions, and is willing to buy them online. Thus, B2C e-commerce in India is projected to reach $2.16 billion by the end of 2008, as per, and more than three times that amount in just three years, reaching $5.6 billion as of 2011. due to more than 25 million (and increasing) credit card users who are across the country.

India is a nation that is full of opportunities. The country is expanding at an alarming rate. This is an opportunity that could be a profitable market for any business looking to expand internationally and is a great market to begin developing online marketing campaigns that give you an advantage in strategic “early newcomer” advantage over competitors. Based on the present and future prospects in the marketplace, Princeton Consulting International ranks India as an I-tier market for online expansion globally.

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Amal Kumar is a Global Markets Research Analyst at Global eMarketer (GeM). GeM is an International firm that specializes in business development and marketing consultancy company that assists businesses to expand worldwide, from planning to execution, using the management of global online campaigns.



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